15 Amazing Ways to Get YouTube Subscribers to Your Channel


Are you a Youtuber and you don’t have Views, Much Traffic, and Subscribers then this article is for you. Here you will get to learn how to drive an audience to your post. I mean Youtube Subscribers. These are people who tend to follow your youtube channel by subscribing in other to stay updated with your post. I know as a YouTuber you will want your Youtube channel to be extremely famous, and successful.

Youtube And the only way this can happen is by having tons of Subscribers. Kindly follow up with this article to learn how to important it is to have subscribers. I am pretty sure we all know what Youtube is all about. Youtube is a video sharing platform with its headquarter in San Bruno, California. Google bought Youtube in November 2006 for the sum of US$1.65 billion. YouTube is now one of Google’s subsidiaries.

Like I said above that the number of subscribers you get will determine the number of views and the more you make your ads revenue. So the success of your Youtube channel lies in the hand of your subscriber.


How to Get Youtube Subscribers to Your Channel

Before you can monetize your video you must have at least 1000 subscribers, without 1000 subscribers you cant make ads revenue on your Youtube Channel. However, it’s very important you have up to One thousand subscribers on your Youtube channel. The problem is How do you get these 1000 subscribers. Below is the exact strategy I used to grow my Youtube Channel from 200 Subscribers to 15k Subscribers. You can aswell do the same.

  1. Use an attractive thumbnail.
  2. You Intro Must be Interesting.
  3. Upload a Quality Video.
  4. Be consistent with your post
  5. Promote channel on other social media platforms or by running Google Ads
  6. Ones in a while You should collaborate with other Youtuber to make videos.
  7. Use Keywords in your title, so your video will pop up when the user search for video.
  8. Build a great playlist and set a goal.
  9. Make sure you publish a long video at least a minimum of 15 minutes video.
  10. Use a good Channel Icon
  11. Try to reply to every comment
  12. The Very First 7 seconds of your Youtube should be Interesting and Memorable
  13. Try to Promote your Video via other social channels, Youtube Advertising
  14. Optimize your Videos by using SEO Techniques
  15. Use strong CTA in your Video

Follow the steps correctly, am sure your youtube subscribers will increase as time goes on. Tho its a gradual process, you really have to be patient.

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