2019 Little Mermaid: Blacks Wants Major Roles


Disney drops a bombshell that the 2019 Little Mermaid animation will portray the characters as blacks. While previous productions of the franchise feature Caucasian characters.

2019 little mermaid
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There is rarely any adult in recent time that didn’t watch Little Mermaid while growing up. The initial release dates back to 1989. For starters, it is an American animation musical romantic fantasy film. The Hans Christian Andersen inspired movie is really a fan favorite hence it has got many people talking.

A lot of people are majorly against it while the black community seems honored with the announcement. Some black actors have already started cueing up to state their interests for roles.


Terry Crews Throws His Hart For Disney To Cast Him As King Triton in the Upcoming The 2019 Little Mermaid revamp.

Terry Crew, the American Got talent host thrown in his hart to be cast as Triton. He strongly believes he would be perfect for the royal role in the live-action remake of the animation. He made this known through his Twitter handle on Saturday (July 6, 2019) which he shares a picture of himself as the underwater ruler.

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“Ariel’s Dad!!!!” A host from America’s Got Talent caption the picture, referring to the film’s heroine, Ariel.

He just one of the lots vying for a role on 2019 Little mermaid cast. Singer Lizzo is also reported to be bent on playing the undersea witch Ursula in the movie. She also made a statement of her own as she drops footage of herself dressed up as the octopus.

Thereby signifying she wants a role in the 2019 Little Mermaid animation cast.

Disney Confirmed Some Cast in The 2019 Little Mermaid 

Disney has confirmed that Halle Bailey will be cast as  Ariel in the 2019 Little Mermaid remake while Awkwafina and Jacob Tremblay are also in talks to play seagull character Scuttle and tropical fish Flounder respectively.


It seems that most actors see the 2019 little mermaid as an immortal project that will be talked about for generations to come.