4 Useful Messenger Features you Should be Using

If you’ve used the Facebook Messenger app for a long period of time, you’ve probably found it to be quite boring, serving only as a messaging extension for the “real” Facebook app.



Through the addition of features, Facebook has been working to transform the Messenger app into a true standalone application. Certain features have been added to the app that you may not have noticed during your daily use.


We’ve compiled a list of four useful features that you should take advantage of the next time you’re chatting on Facebook Messenger.

Ignore Messages

Consider the following scenario: a former classmate continues to forward random broadcast messages to you via Messenger. What would your response be? This is a classmate with whom you’d like to maintain contact, but the broadcast messages are becoming excessive. How do you handle that?

You have a feature in the Messenger app. Ignore messages that automatically moves a conversation to your spam folder when you use this feature. You will no longer receive messages from the individual who was previously in your inbox.

This way, you can maintain your relationship with the individual within the Facebook app without having to deal with random broadcast messages.

How to Ignore a Messenger Conversation

Facebook made it incredibly simple to access the Ignore messages feature. This is how:

  • For two seconds, hold down on the chat you wish to ignore.
  • Ignore messages by tapping Ignore messages.
  • To confirm, tap Ignore.
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Messenger’s Archive feature is another lesser-known feature. Additionally, it functions similarly to the Ignore messages feature.

When you archive a conversation, new messages in the conversation are removed from your inbox and can be accessed only through the Archived Chats page.

If you believe that forwarding your friend’s messages to the spam folder is an unkind way to treat a friend, you can use the archive feature to remove the conversation from your inbox.

How to Archive a Messenger Conversation

The following steps will guide you through the process of moving a chat to your Archive folder:

  • Tap and hold down the chat.
  • Choose Archive.
  • The chat will be archived and will be accessible only from the Archived Chats page.


The introduction of emojis in chats brought some color and liveliness to online conversations. Indeed, certain message responses would be incomplete without an emoji.

Facebook is stepping up its emoji game by incorporating sound samples into a select number of emojis via its Soundmojis feature. In a Messenger chat, you can send emojis accompanied by short audio snippets.

Clapping, crickets, drumrolls, wicked laughter, and audio excerpts from popular television shows are currently accessible as sound clips.

How to Send a Messenger Soundmoji

To send a Soundmoji via Messenger, follow these steps:

  • Open a chat.

  • To begin, tap the emoji icon.
  • Select the icon for the loudspeaker.
  • Slide up to reveal the Soundmojis that are available.
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Secret Conversations

While many have been asking when Facebook Messenger will offer end-to-end encryption, many are unaware that Messenger already includes an encrypted conversation function.

Its Secret Conversations feature is the only way to conduct end-to-end encrypted conversations.

Additionally, you can configure messages to self-destruct after a specified period of time.

How to Begin a Secret Messenger Conversation

To begin a Secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger, follow these steps…

  • Open a regular conversation with the person you wish to message in the Messenger app.
  • Select the More option.
  • Select the Go to Secret Conversation option.
  • If a new window prompts you to enable Secret Conversations, press the switch to enable Secret Conversations.


The constant addition of functionality to the Messenger app indicates that Facebook is aiming to improve the Messenger experience and make it compelling enough to stand alone as a standalone application. However, will Messenger ever become a truly stand-alone application?

The Facebook Messenger app is one of the most feature-rich chat programs available. However, its major flaw is its reputation as a clone of the “genuine” Facebook application.

However, there is a possibility that the Messenger app will eventually become a fully standalone application. If the passage of time is insufficient, the inclusion of a few additional elements will suffice.


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