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5 Most Expensive PS4 Games That’s worth every Dime

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As the PS4’s generation fades further and further in our rearview glass, the prices of colorful games, particularly collector’s editions, are climbing ever advanced. And with some of the prices out there, it might be worth poring your collection if you’re looking to make some cash or perhaps you’ll want to hold on to some others to increase their value.

5 Most Expensive PS4 Games That’s worth every Dime

Whether you’re into collecting, reselling, or just enjoy checking out lists of radically precious games, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the most precious PS4 games out there right now. numerous of these are sought-after collector’s editions, while many are standalone games.

Some of these games might indeed be more affordable than you’d suppose. We’ve included a couple that, while not terribly precious on their own, are starting to cost rather high prices compared to their original list price. Others, still, are demanding quadruple or( in one case) quintuple integers.

And while we’ve some emotional games on this list, it’s clear that we’ve only scratched the face of rising rare and precious PS4 and other words eight press games, so you can go we’ll be following up with further collections of precious games. Let’s progeny start.

The Witcher Series

The Witcher series of games didn’t achieve important attention until the third entry arrived and came to the smash-megahit, an ultramodern classic of an open-world RPG we know at the moment. With a broad fantasy narrative, endearing characters, and substantial sidequests, it’s hard not to fall in love with The Witcher 3. And like numerous grand RPGs, The Witcher 3 had a fancy collector’s edition with some Gwent cards, an order, and a big ‘ ol statue of promoter Geralt about to butcher a griffin.

Available for$ 200 USD on launch, prices have only gone up since also. You can find the statue alone for further than the price of the whole edition, while open performances are fluently two or three times the original price. Sealed performances, however? They’re trending toward the quadruple integers, with at least one current listing sitting at a Buy It Now on eBay for a cool$ 1,300.

Resident wrong – memoir hazard

This Gamestop-exclusive haunted house for ants comes with an intimidating price label these days. An astral and scary return to form for the series with a first-person perspective and intimidating foes put away down into the corners of a creepy manse, RE7’s collector’s edition comes with a model of a manse that doubles as a music box and a USB drive shaped like a mannequin’s cutlet on with a VHS- shaped case to store it. There’s also a bloody note replica and lithograph.

Resident Evil 3- Collector’s Edition

Following the successful Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, Capcom continued down the remake train with Resident Evil 3. While it doesn’t completely cleave to all of the original 1999 interpretation’s features, it’s a tightly-paced action horror game that pits Jill Valentine up against a megacity of zombies and a mega monster with a limited vocabulary named Nemesis. A collector’s edition with a Jill Valentine figure, digital soundtrack, artbook, and chart of Raccoon City vended for$ 179 on launch in 2020.

Rock Band 4 Band-in-a-Box Pack

Rock Band and games like it might not have been the wild miracle for PS4 that they were for the PS3 and Xbox 360, but the Band-in-a-Box pack can fluently vend these days for around twice, if not further, the original cost of$ 249. A popular meter game series, Rock Band was notable for its focus on ensemble performances featuring contemporary music from a wide variety of bands. The Band-in-a-Box pack came with a barrel tackle and guitar( wow, way to give the cutlet to bassists, Harmonix), and you could hitch a dupe for$ 249 back in 2015.

Also, supposedly there’s a Jazzmaster variant for Xbox( yeah, yeah, I know it’s billed as a Jaguar, but the Jazzmaster came first and is an infinitely better guitar. Sorry, Leo), and now I’m back to scrolling Reverb looking for a Jazzmaster because supposedly I need further guitars.

Graveness Rush Remastered (Base and Collector’s Edition)

Firstly a highlight of the PS Vita in 2012, graveness Rush was ported over to the PS4 ahead of its effect as a remaster in 2015. An action game that lets you mess with graveness to reach new locales and walk across ceilings, it’s come kindly of a cult megahit. While it’s not a terribly precious game compared to other growing titles on the PS4, graveness Rush Remastered’s oddity is pushing it to vend for further than double its OG price of 30 bucks. Prices are at least 60 to 70 bucks on average for base physical clones, though it’s not uncommon for it to crack$ 100 if it’s sealed. There are only so numerous of these in actuality and they’re likely to only get rarer and more precious. There’s also a veritably rare collector’s edition with a figure of promoter Kat that fluently exceeds the original price by hundreds of bones

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