8 Apps To Help You During the Coronavirus Outbreak In 2020


Despite the coronavirus pandemic. Having to install an application that will help you during your isolation period is a great step.

Coronavirus8 Apps To Help You During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Are you familiar or updated with the deadly virus? These applications will help you to be updated on the progress of the virus.

And also with tips on how to keep yourself safe from experts all over the world. Here we have a very comprehensive list of Applications to Help You during the coronavirus Outbreak.



This is a very important application that you need to install on your smartphone right now. The app will allow you to see your medical results and also help you book GP appointments.

You can also get the real information you can rely on, and also gives you medical advice and help. However, users have to be over 13 years or 13 to be able to use the application.

COVID-19 Tracker.

This application helps you self-report any symptoms of the virus to contain the spread of the virus. When anyone gets a positive test, the application will inform all contacts so that they will isolate themselves or best go to the hospital for a test or other medical checks.

Meanwhile, if you have not tested positive but have symptoms of the virus, it will indicate yellow while those who have reported having been infected will see pink.

COVID Symptom Tracker:

This application was developed in London by a medical practitioner and also a scientist at King’s College and also St Thomas’ Hospitals with a health company Zoe Global Limited. This is a very vital COVID-19 application that you need to know and have on your devices.

This application tells users to have a minute test to have a self-report of their symptoms every day. This is an effective way of containing the spread of the virus. As you get your self-reports, you are also helping researchers to get information about how fast the virus spreads in your region.

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Are you aware of an application that helps health emotion? Well, this is an app that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help users to reduce their level of anxiety. It helps them to manage their mood and also gives them a great chance to sleep during the coronavirus pandemic.

Through many strategies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment therapy, you will be assisted to get a good understanding of your emotions. It will also help you relate well with others doing this coronavirus outbreak.


This is a very popular and useful application, you should be aware of this. The app is used for video conference, it will help you organize meetings with your work colleagues even when you are indoors.

You can also use it for video calls with your friends and family. With unique features like screen share screens, and also for you to personalize your background, sure it’s a great app to download during this pandemic period.


This application was created by some people in Singapore to fight the virus. It is a very useful application, it works through Bluetooth and it helps to contain the spread of the virus through tracing and contacting community-driver.

The app works by using Bluetooth signals to reach people that are close to one another using the TraceTogether app.

If you have made contact with someone who was tested positive, the Ministry of Health can use the app to trace you and give you advice on the right things to do as soon as possible.

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The application is often recommended by therapists, this will help you in counseling and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

You can keep a private journal with no extra cost with this application. You can get to know your daily activities and mood during the isolation period.

Notes can be placed in your daily entry, also the use of emojis are available to tell your moods base on the day.

You can also set a reminder with the application to check your entries and colors are used to reflect your moods. The application comes with a security lock so that you can ensure your information safe.

Netflix Party

You might wonder why this application is among the list, but sure a good app to keep at home and safe. Enjoying movies together with friends does not require you to meet them.

You can get on your computer a Netflix Party free Chrome browser extension. Once you have the extension on your browser you will need to navigate choose a movie on Netflix and watch a movie or TV show of your choice with friends.


If you want to invite a friend to watch with you, after the movie or show has loaded, you pause it and click the NP red button. It will generate a unique link to share with friends to join you in watching the movie together.

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