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What is Amazon prime?

Amazon prime is a subscription service that gives its users access to services that would be unavailable or cost extra, to the typical Amazon customers. Their services includes Streaming music and videos, free one or two-day delivery (this depends on the address), and other benefits.  This service is offered by Amazon, and has more than 150 million subscribers worldwide.

Amazon prime

The creation of Amazon prime was announced in 2005 by Amazon. It is a membership service offering free two-day shipping within the contiguous US on all eligible purchases for an annual few of $79 and discounted one-day shopping rates.


Amazon prime has been launched in Germany, Japan, UK, Italy, Canada, India and Mexico. The Amazon prime membership in Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, India and aux provides Amazon video.

What is Amazon Video?

Amazon video is an instant streaming of selected films and TV programs at no additional cost. The service was formally introduced on the 7th of September, 2006. As Amazon Unbox in the US. It was later renamed Amazon Video on Demand on September 4, 2008. On February 22, 2011 it was rebranded as Amazon instant video.

New Movies on Amazon prime Right Now

Listed below are list of best videos on Amazon Prime right now.

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

  • Directors: Chris Sanders, Dean Deblois.
  • Main cast: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.
  • Duration: 98 minutes

A young viking named Hiccup who stays in the North on the Island of Berk, has been struggling to live up to the standards of his dragon vanquishing people.

The battle between man and dragon has been going on, but he finally finds his strength when he made friend with a wounded night fury instead of killing it.

Seven Psychopaths (2012)

  • Director: Martin McDonagh
  • Main Cast: Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell.
  • Duration: 110 minutes.

Seven Psychopaths is all about a struggling screenwriter who accidentally becomes involved in the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles. This happened after his friends kidnap the Shih Tzu of a well-known gangster.

Rocketman (2019)

  • Director: Dexter Fletcher
  • Main cast: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard
  • Duration: 121 minutes

Rocketman follows the fantastic and real-life story of Elton John as he hit his stride. Also, how he went from being a small-town boy to one of the most Iconic figure in the rock and roll game.

Logan Lucky (2017)
  • Director: Steven Soderbergh
  • Main Cast: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig.
  • Duration: 119 minutes

The movie follows an unemployed construction worker Jimmy Logan, who convinces his  brother and sister to help him rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

With the help of Joe Bang (a convicted safe-cracker), the group attempts a heist like you have never seen before.

Fighting with my Family (2019)

  • Director: Stephen Merchant
  • Main cast: Dwayne Johnson, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn.
  • Duration: 108 minutes

This is a comedy movie based on the true story of the WWE wrestlers in the UK, who are doing their best to make ends meet by doing what they love.

Both kids dream of joining the WWE and eventually get the chance to prove themselves in the arena.

The Big Sick

  • Director: Michale Showalter
  • Main cast: Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano.
  • Duration: 120 minutes.

This movie is based on the real-life love story of Kumail Nanajiani and Emily V. Gordon.

It follows Kumail as he struggles to build up a career in stand-up. After he met with an heckler named Emily, they formed a relationship.

The couple is faced with a family push-back which led to their breakup. But a coma is what brought them back together.

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