Among Us

Among us Game Free Download, Characters and Map


Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game, which was built, created, and published by American game studio InnerSloth and it was released on June 15, 2018. The game Is played in a space-themed setting where players take on one of two roles.

Among Us

Most are Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors. Though Among Us has been put for quite some while now, it seemingly exploded with popularity overnight. Right now, the game is very popular, partially because it is an easy game to pick up.


It is one of the best games this year, in spite of being released in 2018. It is an exciting fun game to play with family, friends, including strangers. The game continues to be the little app that could become one of the most well know of 2021.

How to Play Among Us Game

The game is available on Android, iOS, and Personal Computer. The basis of the game is that a group of up to ten bean-shaped astronauts known as crewmates is working onboard a spaceship, a planetary base, or an office building. They are given individual tsks, if executed, result in victory. That catch is that up to three of those astronauts could be impostors who are finding a way to stop the crewmates from winning.

Among Us PS4

The game is not available to play on either PS4 or Xbox One. While Among Us on PC, iOS and Andriod devices can work with the touchscreen command or keypads available. However, this means that the game team would have to work to find a way to provide an easy way for gamers to communicate, without slowing down gameplay.

How to Download and Play

To download and play the game on your personal computer, all you need to do is follow the steps below carefully

  • First, download and install BlueStacks o your Personal Computer
  • The complete Google sign in to access the Play Store or rather do it later
  • Now at the top right corner, look for Among Us in the search bar.
  • After that, click to install Among Us from the search results
  • Then Complete Google sign-in to install Among us
  • You can tap or click the Among Us icon on the home screen to start playing.
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Characters in Among Us

We already know what the game is all about and how to play the game. Live characters are displayed as short, humanoid beings putting on a spacesuit. They lack arms and have very short legs and their spacesuit does not expose what is underneath.

A small backpack, jet pack, or oxygen tank is kept put on the back of the suit.
If a character is killed by normal gameplay, they will turn into a ghost, and the ghost looks more like the same live characters, except for the fact that they have a ghost tail in a place of legs and are visible partially.

There are different colors for the crew members in the game Among Us. The Colours in the Game depends on the platform where the game is played. When it comes to mobile devices, games can receive a selection of 12 colors and 40 hats for free. While on the PC version, every har and outfit is free. Among us costs $4.99. However, the details of colors in Among Us are explained below

  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • White
  • Cyan
  • Brown
  • Fort Greene
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Lime
  • Blue

Detailed of Colours


  • Red is used noticeable color in Among Us. The player can customize it.
  • It is used as the impostor in promotional posters for the game
  • Gamers often accuse Red of being the impostor, even when there is no reason to
  • Red color member appears at the beginning of each game with the text Shhhhh


  • Blue is actually the main colors in Among Us
  • Appearances of Blue color in the official Among Us art are scarce, as they only appear in two promotional photos


  • It is one of the colors in the game
  • Green is displayed in the Discuss icon when an emergency meeting begins, or when a dead body is reported
  • It was one of the original colors.


  • It is also another main color in Among Us
  • The color is not used a lot in promotional photos but it still used one example being when Pink is killed by a Green Impostor.


  • It is one of the first colors to be selected by players
  • Orange is also one of the main colors in Among Us


  • It is one of the important colors in Among Us
  • It shown in 3 promotional photos
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  • The color yellow displays the players in the admin map
  • Yellow is the main color in Among Us


  • used in the instructions
  • was originally called Grey
  • It is one of the main colors in Among Us members
  • The color is the character used for the sabotage icon
  • It is also the color used on the ID card for the Swipe task


  • White is used in all of the icons which display online games and is shown using a megaphone on the in-game announcement page
  • It is the character on the vent icon of the impostor

Among Us: The Complete Map Guide

Among Us Map

The game is a currently hot favorite game across platforms all over the world. Among Us has two roles which are Impostors and crewmates. So being an impostor, players will have to kill other crewmates just to win the match. and being crewmates, players will have to complete tasks, also find search for hidden impostors to win the match.


However, the game has 3 maps, which are The Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ. Below is an explanation of each of them and every map details and how to master them in the game.

  • The Skeld: It is one of the preferred maps in the game. The emergency meeting button is in the cafeteria. There are four security camera locations in the Skeld. Admin entrance, Navigation entrance, Security entrance, and also Medbay entrance.
  • Polus: This is the biggest map in the game. it is also the greatest map for the impostor of its size. This map is semi-connected with the vents. There six security cameras in the Polus, which are Southwest, Northwest, South, East, Central, including Northeast
  • Mira HQ: This is the smaller map in the game. it is very popular among the vent users because this map’s every vent is connected to each other. So if the players kill someone in the Admin, it will be very easy for them to go to the Reactor and fake it. Meanwhile, there are no security cameras in the Mira HQ
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