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Asake nailed this Fashion Style: Check it out right here!!

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Asake proves he’s not only a musical genius but a style star on the rise. The Joha hitmaker directed his own shoot, reviewed the stylish prints, and hosted a rap session with his platoon on the set of his rearmost interview with a Canada-grounded fashion retail company SSENSE.

Asake nailed this Fashion Style: Check it out right here!!

The interview and shoot were hosted in a light-filled manse with Elizabethan- style living apartments located in the suburban area of northwest London – completely contrary to his upbeat, jivey, and veritably African music.

Opening the point, music and culture intelligencer, Nicolas- Tyrell Scott wrote;

Asake doesn’t just want to look the part, he wants to genuinely represent himself too.

Fashion is a glowing form of tone- expression and he sure knows how to engage it. With his emotional sense of style, we’ve seen Asake express his dinkum art not just in sonorous logjams seamlessly blending multiple sounds from different African stripes of music including amapiano, fuji, hipsterism- hop, jazz, and philosophy – but also in his intriguing outfits and voguish styling which we just can’t get enough of.

Asake nailed this Fashion Style: Check it out right here!!
Asake nailed this Fashion Style: Check it out right here!!

Asake is on trend and a trendsetter, this burned trousers, gloves, sunglasses, and woven haircut nut is a walking-breathing spectacle of our generation’s penchants in music, fashion, and style. As a true nut of fashion with a protean appetite for style, Mr. Money said he doesn’t have a favorite brand, he loves loads of them and went on to mention many top developer brands. Little wonder he was described as a “ walking mood board ”.

With multi-million aqueducts and multiple Awards bagged Asake’s debut reader, Mr Money With the Vibe holds the record for the most successful Nigerian debut reader of all time, when it hit No. 66 on the Billboard 200. Asake is shooting for the stars and we will be watching as we cheer for one of Africa’s topmost exports of our time. Scroll to see further of his photos below


Publication SSENSE

Interview Nicolas- Tyrell Scott

Photography Kenny Germé

Styling Edem Dossou

Styling Assistant Kevin Lanoy

Photography Assistant Jim Tobias

Photography Assistant Nicole Leblanc

Digital Operator Luke Bennet

Grooming Pål Berdahl

Set Design Thomas Conant

Set Assistant Nye Conant

Location House Rococo House,@carolhayesmanagement

Production Town Productions

Production sidekicks Jonathan Faulkner, Vanessa Grasse, and Eugenia Redhouse Sotgia

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