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Attack On Titan: Favourite Characters and Essential Scenes to Remember


Attack on Titan is an entirely captivating, enthralling, and thrilling series. It follows protagonist Eren Yeager in a world where humans live within the safety of 3 circular fifty meter high walls. The attack on Titan anime is basically based on the Japanese Manga series Shingeki no Kyojin written and drawn by the mastermind and author Hajime Isayama. It is incredibly detailed. Also, the side stories twist and turn, the plot seeming to change with every episode.

attack on titan

Attack on Titans is one of those shows that get a lot of hate for different reasons but I think the main one is its popularity. The story just keeps getting better and better. It has become very rare to find a series that is so uncertain.


Attack on Titan: Top Favourite characters

top characters

Attack on Titan would be akin to steak without seasoning. The series is unquestionably infested with amazing characters, but just a few stand out from the rest. Below are the most well-known of these characters.

  • Christa
    The shy Christa Lenz underwent some groundbreaking development and morphed into her queen form. It could be argued that Historia flew under everyone’s radar for the most part. Fans can’t even keep their eyes off her even if they wanted to.
  • Jean Kirstein
    His very existence was blocked out by the bright entities that are Eren and the squad. However, most fans were under the impression that jean was only there to meet the numbers. Jean will not have existed in the profile if Historia keeps low.
  • Annie Leonheart
    Aka the female Titan, is an indisputable fan favorite. She made her debut as early as the rest of the gang. Annie always remained in the limelight, unlike Historia and Jean who were deprived of screentime.
  • Erwin Smith
    One of the most badass characters to be featured in Attack on Titan. Through its efforts, humanity was able to weather catastrophe after a catastrophe. He was truly a great leader who utilize the potential of his subordinates. There is nothing that could make him lose his cool.
  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager is a synonym for character development. he appeared as an annoying teenager charged by a strong force of vengeance. It got to a point where fans completely forgot about his past and started viewing him in a new light.
  • Levi
    An amazing badass titan slayer, and the coolest character you will ever meet in the anime verse. Levi’s position as the best boy of Attack on Titan is very much deserved. He’s the main contender.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Review

The second season starts with the Female Titan captured and the shit hitting the fan rather quickly after that. The same questions, still remain, What are these Titans and why do they want to remove humanity? Why are there humans that can change into them? Who is the real villain and who is behind all this? The main characters such as Eren, Armin, Reiner, Mikasa, Bertolt are brought back into the plot and new threats and villains come into the spotlight, such as the weird Beast Titan.

The whole season 2 is surrounded by the mysterious background of certain characters and as the story progresses, we learn more and more about their aim. However, I would say this season is more character and story-oriented than the main war against the Titans.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Review

The beginning of the season is devoted to the mystery involving the Historia and Reiss family and some crazy government conspiracies that try to hide the true monarchy and keep humanity in the dark about their history and the origin of the wall and also big revelations involving Eren and his father.

Soon after the Scouts discover the truth, they cause a coup d’etat that leads Historia, the rightful heir to the throne. The rest of the season deals with the glorious mission of the Scouts getting to the basement in the Shiganshina District.

When they got to the area they are ambushed by Reiner, Bertholdt, and Zeke who destroyed their forces and cause huge loss for the Scouts. However, the few survivors find the basement and obtain valuable information about their world behind the walls that Grisha left behind.

Attack on Titan Season 4: What You Need to Know About the Hit Anime Series.

It is no longer a surprise that Attack on Titan season 4 has now arrived. The final season of the hit anime series has started streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. With weekly episodes set to keep the huge sized series in our hearts and minds for the coming months.With three seasons now behind us, and a new available watch,

However, Attack on Titan, originally a bestselling manga series created by Hajime Isayama was turned into a wildly popular anime back in 2013, It has now run for a total of 57 episodes across a period of six good years but the exciting part is it is not over yet.

Essential Moments to Remember Before Season 4 Release

attack on titans season 4

What initially started as a war story with monsters has turned into a truly epic character study and a masterclass in serialized storytelling.


Here’s a breakdown of the series’ biggest and best moments leading up to its finish.

  • Eren Reunites With The Colossal Titan
    It is well aware of the disturbing nature of its titular creatures and right from the first episodes, they feel like a serious threat that is nearly impossible to control. Eren Jaeger swears that he will revenge after his main encounter with these beats and the loss of his mother, but the fourth episode of the series is when an older and more prepared Eren finally staged his attack.
  • Eren And Mikasa Murder Some Slave Traders
    All of the relationships in Attack on Titan resonate, most especially when they are put in a pressure cooker of emotions where death becomes an everyday event. The bond between Eren and Mikasa is one of the most powerful in the whole series. And the origins of how these two met is the perfect backstory for their tortured souls. Mikasa becomes orphaned by two slave traders and Eren can’t help but try to resolve the score. despite being just a child. The messy attempt leads to both Eren and Mikasa taking the lives of these corrupt men and becomes the catalyst that forever bonds them
  • The Introduction of the Talking Beast Titan
    Season 2 doesn’t waste any time and features the introduction of a powerful and mysterious new creature. The Beast Titan. At this point, there have been many Titan varieties. But the Beast Titan is the first one that can talk and signify that Titans can actually be an intelligent, complex species.

Other Essential Scenes to Remember

  • Kenny AckermannAttackes Levi And His Squad
    Season Three of Attack on Titan expands on the past f many characters. And early on Levi occurrences an unwelcome reunion with the one who educated him as a youth.  Kenny is pure anarchic energy and the ambush that the launches on Levi and his men are easily one of the most impressive animated scenes in the series. This new traitor quickly stands out and even though this sprawling fight takes many lives. It’s the personal history between Levi and Kenny that gives it such an impact.
  • The Female Titan’s Assualt On Levi’s Squad
    The Female Titan is a foreboding figure from its first appearance. And Annie guarantees that it remains one of the more brutal villains in the series. The first season illustrates Levi as one of the most accomplished and brilliant fighters on the Survey Corps. Which makes his team’s destruction at the hands of the Female Titan all the more devasting. If anyone is capable to take out this Titan it’s Levi and his team. The Female Titan destroys nearly all of Levi’s support in minutes.
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