BBN Tacha Returned To The House


BBN Tacha returned to the house with Seyi following their fake eviction on Sunday. She had a heart-to-heart conversation with Mike over their stand-off on Saturday.

A post shared by Big Brother Naija on Jul 25, 2019,

It was reported that after Tacha got back into the house. Mike told her that a part of him and other housemates were excited that she left. He added that he hopes that all that happened taught her to be humble.



Tacha before you left, I am just going to keep it 100 %. I am not going to lie I did not like your energy at all. Not one-bit it was completely unacceptable in my eyes and I feel like when you did leave, a part of me was actually elated. I feel like some of the energy that you carry around here was only going to affect you and. I am not going to lie, everyone can confirm that we felt a certain way when you walked out and you being back now, I am not going to lie, its a surprise and I hope that you being here we can go on and have some better time and no more face mask” he said

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However, during their private conversation which ended up in apologies from both sides, Tacha told Mike that it’s quite unfair for him to ask her to become another person. BBN Tacha recounted some challenges that made her become who she is perceived to be but promised to become a better person. She also apologized to Mike for disrespecting him.


Mike also apologized over their face-off on Saturday. While also admitting that he doesn’t understand her yet. And why she has two personalities of “being nice/genuine and another side he doesn’t understand”.  He further added that he’s in the game for fun. And doesn’t care about other housemates’ strategies as long as no one disrespects him.