Movie Making Apps

The 5 Best Free Movie Making Apps in 2021

This article will discuss the best movie-making apps. How many people recall watching academic videos in school? Or having to perform in front of the class as a group or even have fond memories of designing posters or participating in PowerPoint discussions?

Students can now integrate all three by creating class videos. These videos can be of students performing narratives or of students writing narratives for English class.

Movie Making Apps


They could be movies of science experiments conducted in the home. They can be historical reenactments or raps explaining mathematical concepts. These movies can be enhanced with graphics and text for context, and trainees can even showcase their imaginative side by including special effects.

5 Movie-Making Apps for Student Projects

You can learn about movie-making apps in this article; the specifics are below;

Trainees throughout the 1990s and from 2000 to 2010 were able to create videos for class projects. However, it was more of an annoyance. It was required that you use electronic cameras equipped with video capabilities. They were required to operate from their homes. It was also required to use movie mixing software on their PC. you also had to find a CD-ROM with sufficient storage space to occupy while they waited. And they had to hope that the class computer system was capable of checking out the CD.

However, with an increasing number of trainees possessing smart devices and an increasing number of classes adopting intelligent pads, creating class films has become easier than ever. There are numerous video creation applications available for smart devices and tablets, but we’ve chosen to highlight the top five that are the most convenient for students to use.

iMovie Movie Making App

This is a very popular video-editing application, and it’s only $4.99 for iPhone and iPad. Trainees can produce motion films using footage captured on their smartphones. Students may use the entire video or construct their own clip.

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Trainees can also utilize this software to highlight favorite clips from their videos, making them much easier to locate later. iMovie includes eight distinct styles, each having its own soundtrack, text style, and shifts.

There are ten distinct filters available. Students can employ a variety of effects, including slow motion, fast forward, and picture-in-picture. Videos can be saved to the iCloud or emailed or sent using iMessage. Videos can also be uploaded directly to Facebook or Vimeo.

Magisto Video Editor and Maker

This app is free, but only for Android smartphones. Nonetheless, it is quite useful. This is a simple program that converts videos on Android devices into music videos automatically. Magisto also features a free video editor, which enables students to create their own films.

You may receive videos directly to your Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter accounts, as well as via email and YouTube. Additionally, this software has unique features that distinguish it from others: automated video stabilization and facial recognition, video filters and effects, and seamless shifts.

Stop Motion Animation Studio

This application, which is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones, enables learners to produce stop-motion videos. This program is best suited for pupils who want to use props such as Legos and Play-Doh figures in their films rather than their own bodies.

It has a grid system to assist pupils in placing their figurines, a frame-by-frame preview, cut/copy/paste/delete/insert capabilities, and the ability to take frames automatically using a customizable time interval function.

Ultra High Definition stop motion videos are created. A remote camera option is available, as is a green screen effect. Additionally, the software has eight distinct themes for the videos. Additionally, color and sound effects are accessible. Students can upload to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, or iCloud directly.

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Video Mixer Pro

Video Mixer Pro is a very affordable app (just $2.99 for iPhones), and it is available for both Android and Apple devices.

This program bills itself as “the most straightforward and straightforward app for mixing videos and music.” Students can use this software to combine their videos into one.

Trainees can even add a recorded voice to the video to create the effect of a narration. Music files, as well as other audio files, can be added to the videos. However, the program warns that the end product’s video quality will be identical to that of the original videos.

AndroMedia Video Editor

This free app, which is only available for Android devices, is a “fully featured video editing program for making professional-looking videos in minutes.”

Students may rapidly create their movies by dragging and dropping videos. They can also edit videos to create snippets. Additionally, audio files, emoji sticker labels, and text layers can be added. There are color filter effects and color shifts available.

Motion pictures can be exported in high definition and stored in a variety of formats such as MP4, MOV, JPG, PNG, MP3, and WAV.

Movie Making Apps Conclusion

Creating unique, artistic, and technological projects allows students to learn and contribute in class. Allowing students to use these movie-making apps for their assignments is also an excellent way to incorporate more topics and disciplines into your curriculum.


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