Best Pandemic Movies

Best Pandemic Movies Ever A Must Watch


Best Pandemic Movies Ever Must Watch. There are movies that already predicted how the coronavirus pandemic will is was before coronavirus became real in 2019. Then most viewers never thought it would be in reality, but now we are living the life right now. To know the best pandemic movies ever released, check our list of Best Pandemic Movies Ever.


Best Pandemic Movies Ever

Though this movie came out in 2011 it relates well with the current pandemic and a lot have people are watching it recently. Steven Soderbergh directed the movie and the story is about Gwyneth Paltrow’s horrific death. The death alerted the audience and cast that the source of it is not what to joke with. It was so intense that a high actor died due to it.



Best Pandemic Movies Ever

This movie is base on a true event. It is about the Nip ah virus outbreak that happened in Kerala (India) in 2018. It movie is centered on physicians, the minister of health and the epidemiologist, and also a district collector. They all worked together to stop the spread of the Nipah Virus.

12 Monkeys 1995

Although the movie is 25 years old and yet got a message on the pandemic outbreak. It’s a SciFi movie that Deals with time travel. The major casts in the movie are Bruce Willis and Brad Pitts. In 2035 a prisoner (Bruce) lives in a post-apocalyptic Philadelphia and he was trained and set back in time to 1996. He was sent to get more knowledge about the virus so that he would be helpful to a scientist in the future in getting a cure.

Outbreak 1995

Best Pandemic Movies Ever

This movie is centered on an outbreak in California, where a village is quarantined and was placed on lockdown. It began just like the Ebola-like virus, it moved from a monkey then infect humans, then it was airborne. The movie is not really scientific, but it’s more like a horror movie.


Flu is a South Korean Movie, it’s about the spread of a deadly virus H5N1, the virus tore down the city of Bundang, and it kills anyone who is affected in less than 36 hours. The City was in danger as nearly 1 million people are on the verge of wiping out.


A strange sickness affected the people due to the mistake of a doctor on a patient. The Japanese movie though had a different concept on how the infected die, as they turn green and liquefies out.

The Last Days

This movie is more like contagion. There was an affliction that threatens to wipe out humanity called THE PANIC. It turns people to become so agoraphobic, that they die when they go outside. The major cast was trapped in a building but later went out to find his girlfriend, he had to do this without setting foot out of the shelter.

The Bay

This movie is about a quiet little town that became home of a breeding ground for a waterborne organism. The organisms take control of the body and minds of their hosts.


Best Pandemic Movies Ever.

This is a South Korean movie, about a parasite that infected people and makes them drown themselves. When the major cast family got infected, he tried to get a cure before it spreads across the nation. The Government does quarantine those that are affected, and this gave him more reason to get a cure before his family is taken.

The Killer That Stalked New York

Best Pandemic Movies Ever.


This is a movie about the smallpox epidemic in New York City, the disease got into the city through a femme fatale. The officials and medical team worked together to get a vaccine for the sick and about 8 million people. The movies feel more like a joke about what is happening today.

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