Reciprocating Saws

Best Reciprocating Saws You Should Buy In 2021


Reciprocating saws, which were first introduced in 1951, have a large following among contractors. You might wonder why. Well, it’s the greatest tool for demolitions and remodeling, and it can cut both vertically and horizontally. It fits into narrow spaces and works like a jigsaw puzzle.

However, it should not be confused with a jigsaw because a reciprocating saw goes faster, is more primitive, and has more power. Don’t be fooled if you hear Sawzall or Saber used to refer to the same saw; they all mean the same thing.

When it comes to finding the top reciprocating saw reviews or Sawzall reviews, the options might be overwhelming. However, we’ve compiled a list of the best.


Best Reciprocating Saws for 2021

Dewalt Bare-Tool DC385B Best Reciprocating Saw 2021

It has a maximum speed of 3000 SPM with a stroke length of 1.12 inches. When it comes to challenging chores, you’ll want a quick cutting speed. It has a 4-position blade clamp, just as its DCS387B cousin, for increased versatility and flush cutting.

We like that it can illuminate the cutting path with the help of bright LEDs, so you aren’t limited to working during the day. It prepares you to tackle all of the obstacles that come with contracting. The lever-action keyless blade will be of great assistance to you. It allows for painless blade changes, reducing the number of times you have to pause in the middle of an operation.

The open top of the pivoting shoe adds to the total visibility. It includes a comfortable handle with an anti-slip grip for control in the face of vibrations. Because the grip is rubberized, it absorbs some of the vibrations, allowing you to operate for extended periods of time.


  • Pivot shoe with an adjustable and open top.
  • It simply takes 15 minutes to recharge. The 4-position blade clamp provides flush cutting, making it the greatest cordless Sawzall.


  • It’s light, weighing only 5.6 pounds.
  • Both the battery and the charger must be purchased separately

BDCR20 Black and Decker Reciprocating Saw

You’re looking at the BLACK+DECKER BDCR20 Reciprocating Saw if you’re seeking a top performance in modest applications. It is well-made and can be used for a variety of purposes. When it takes a few bumps on the job site, the steel enclosure guarantees it stays in good shape. Although it has a maximum speed of 3000 SPM, the stroke length is only 0.87 inches.

You get a fantastic lightweight tool that helps to counteract the saw’s vibrations, which can cause your hand to ache due to the constant shaking. As a result, we strongly advise using this saw on a regular basis to mitigate the impacts of vibrations.

It also has tool-free blade changes and a variable speed trigger right at your fingertips, which we enjoy. It has a pivoting shoe, which is fantastic for added stability when cutting quickly and precisely. Although it is not intended for daily usage, it functions admirably when put to use.


  • Shoe that pivots
  • The adjustable speed trigger is positioned in a convenient location.
  • Blade replacement without the use of any tools


  • The potential to be cordless
  • The battery and charger are not included in the package

DEWALT DCS387B Compact Reciprocating Saw 20V MAX

DEWALT produces the best reciprocating saws on the market. Their DCS387B features a compact design that is ideal for DIY projects. It makes no concessions in terms of power or strokes. It has a maximum speed of 2900 SPM and a stroke length of 1.12 inches. It can handle difficult tasks such as cement boards, laminates, PVC, and drywall. As well as metal sheets.

The DEWALT DCS387B has an easy-to-use four-position blade clamp that enables flush cutting. When cutting through various materials, the easy-to-use variable speed trigger comes in helpful for providing control. You can still make cuts in limited and crowded locations because it is battery-powered.

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This saw can make perfect cuts because of the comfort and control it provides. When operating in slick situations, the rubberized handle is textured to prevent it from sliding. It is only 14.5 inches long, like the PORTER-CABLE, which is the shortest length available, to provide total balance in handling.


  • Blade clamp with four positions
  • Tool-free blade replacements with a bright LED light
  • It provides a lot of strength to get good results


  • It’s a little heavier than the other Sawzalls with a similar design.

Bosch RS7 11Amp 1.12

If you’ve ever used a Bosch product, you know how high-quality they are. Their RS7 reciprocating saw has a lot of great features. It includes twin LED lighting, which we haven’t seen in a lot of the other versions we’ve looked at so far. It illuminates your cutting zone, allowing you to work in low-light conditions.

The ergonomically constructed handle allows for a secure grip. It’s soft to provide a comfortable grip when cutting through various materials. A tool-less blade changing and a variable speed trigger are included in addition to the twin LED lights.

The power and weight combination of the Bosch RS Sawzall is its distinguishing attribute. It features a great balance, weighing 11 pounds and providing control and stability throughout the cutting operation. This saw is suitable for usage on construction sites as well as home remodeling. It’s a tool you should think about using.


  • Handle with a soft grip
  • The ideal balance of strength and weight
  • The cutting zone is illuminated by two LED lights.
  • It also comes with a large carry bag.


  • Because it is corded, its reach is limited to the length of the cord


The PCC670B Reciprocating Saw from PORTER-CABLE is a pleasant surprise. It is reasonably priced while still providing some of the most outstanding features. Starting with the fact that it is cordless, there is no spot on your demolition job where you won’t be able to use it. With a length of only 14.5 inches and a stroke length of 1 inch, it achieves a compact design. The electric motor delivers up to 3000 SPM and a 1inch stroke length.

Don’t be deceived by the tiny appearance; this is a tough design. To increase its durability, it has metallic and rubber housing. Simple blade changes are a breeze with the tool-free blade release mechanism. Even better, because it has a speed trigger control, you’ll always be in control of the speed.

With a weight of under 4 pounds, this is one of the greatest reciprocating saws available. It has a pivoting shoe that maintains the saw in close touch with the material it is cutting, which provides balance in use. It also has a curved over-molded handle, which makes working with the PORTER-CABLE more comfortable.


  • Housing is made of metal and rubber.
  • With a length of 14.5 inches and a weight of only 4 pounds, it’s a small package.
  • Reasonably priced


  • It features a variable speed trigger.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are the only ones that work with it.

What exactly is a Sawzall?

A reciprocating saw differs from other saws on the market. That’s why it’s crucial to think about a few things before purchasing one. Other aspects are just as significant as price when it comes to buying a car.

But first, let’s look at how it works.

A reciprocating saw uses a removable blade to go back and forth. The blade is pushed and pulled at rapid speeds when you pull the trigger. The power is provided by either a set of batteries or a direct connection to an electrical outlet. It can cut PVC, pipelines, metal, wood, and drywall, among other materials.

Look for the following features:

Blade Changes Without Using Tools

When using a reciprocating saw, you’ll need to change the blade at some time. Look for a saw that allows you to change blades without using any tools. This will keep you from having to put your tools down for long periods of time.

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If changing the reciprocating saw necessitates the use of a wrench, it wastes your time. As a result, you should be able to switch blades without using a wrench.

Battery Amperage/Voltage

The reciprocating saw’s performance is determined by its power. High-powered reciprocating saws are more powerful and have more strokes per minute. Large amperage and battery voltage are required for strong materials such as fiberglass and metal sheets.

Only that, you must be careful to strike a balance between power and weight. This is due to the fact that the higher the power, the greater the pressure on the saw.

Variable Speeds

This allows you to choose the appropriate speed for the material you’ll be dealing with. By adjusting the number of strokes per minute, it improves uniformity and precision.

Adjustable Shoe

You’ll need an adjustable shoe if you want additional control and stability. You can control the cut depth and see the blade and its touch with the surface you’re ripping.

Orbital Action

An orbital saw, unlike most reciprocating saws, can go up and down as well as forward and backward. With the exception of pipes, it is thus faster and more efficient while working on a variety of materials. You can move the blade in a straight path or switch to an orbital path with a versatile reciprocating saw.

Carrying Case

You’ll need a bag to transport the saw comfortably between job sites. Look for saws with metal storage boxes and plenty of room to keep the instrument and blades. When the blade is loaded, there should still be enough room to carry the saw.


A reciprocating saw that vibrates excessively can create arm strain quickly. To lessen the constant shaking, look for instruments that feature anti-vibrating technology.

Corded vs. cordless

Because they don’t have batteries, corded reciprocating saws are light. When working in an area with an electrical outlet, they are effective. However, if you’re working on a project site without access to electricity, a cordless reciprocating saw with batteries will come in handy.

Best Reciprocating Saw Advantages

Efficient Action

Cutting both horizontally and vertically is possible with a reciprocating saw. When making difficult cuts, it makes things a lot easier. It allows you to cut through most construction materials with ease.


Reciprocating saws are designed to be compact, so you can store it in a case and bring it to a job site whether it’s corded or not.

Orbital Action and Variable Speeds

Variable speeds and orbital action are found in almost all reciprocating saws. A reciprocating saw is easier to achieve a personalized cut with than any other form of saw, depending on what you’ll use it for.

Improved Stroke Lengths

Short and lengthy strokes are possible with reciprocating saws. Long strokes are approximately 1.12 inches long, whereas short strokes are approximately 0.75 inches long. It can make strong cuts with a long stroke, and it can produce fantastic plunge cuts with a short stroke.


Working with a reciprocating saw opens up a world of possibilities. Its tough features highlight its capacity to rip through wood and metal. It can be difficult to match features to the work at hand, but we’ve got you covered.


On the market, there are various competent Sawzall for best reciprocating saw 2021. However, the DEWALT DC385B comes out on top. It boasts up to 3000 SPM cutting speeds and a lever-action keyless blade clip for quick and painless blade replacements. It has a four-position blade clamp and a shoe that can be adjusted. It’s just what you’re looking for for all-day use with a variety of materials.


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