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Best Romantic Movies to watch On Netflix – 2021 Edition

Romantic Movies. Throughout its history, the romantic comedy genre has been satirized, ridiculed, ripped apart, and swamped with sincere additions, yet none of this has been able to weaken the power of a good rom-com.

Netflix boasts a huge selection of romantic comedy, historical romances, and everything in between. If you want to cry into your tissues or just laugh about all the shenanigans that go into getting two individuals down the aisle, we’ve got a list best Romantic Movies.

Locked Down:


Plot: In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Paxton and Linda are an unhappy couple living in London. Paxton can only get work as a delivery truck driver as a result of an assault arrest ten years ago, and he is dissatisfied with how his life has turned out.

Because there are a limited number of drivers available for high-value deliveries due to store closures, Paxton’s boss contacts him and asks him to make runs for him under a false name.

Linda, a fashion executive, has been tasked with cleaning out inventory at a nearby Harrods department store.

Linda quickly recognizes that their delivery timetables at the business are incompatible, and Paxton would not be able to get past the security checkpoint Linda has set up.

Linda reveals that Harrods has a £3 million diamond in its vault that was sold to an unnamed buyer and that the store has a copy on-site.

She and Paxton agree to keep the actual gem and send the phony diamond to the buyer in New York City, dividing the proceeds with themselves and the National Health Service.

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  • Anne Hathaway as Linda, Paxton’s separated wife
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Paxton, Linda’s separated husband
  • Stephen Merchant as Michael Morgan, Head of Security at Harrods
  • Mindy Kaling as Kate, Linda’s former co-worker at Harrods
  • Lucy Boynton as Charlotte
  • Written By: Steven Knight
  • Director: Doug Liman

To All The Boys: Always and Forever

Plot: Lara Jean Covey travels to Seoul for spring vacation with her sisters Kitty and Margot, her father Dan, and her neighbor Trina Rothschild.

She rekindles her mother’s memories by looking for a lock she placed on a bridge to commemorate her love for Dan, and she finally reads her mother’s accompanying note, which reads “for the rest of my life.

” When she gets home, she tells her lover, Peter Kavinsky, that they’ve never had a meet-cute, much to Peter’s surprise because he recalls their first encounter vividly.

She awaits the outcome of her Stanford University application with bated breath in order to attend college with Peter.


  • Lana Condor as Lara Jean, a high school student, and Peter’s girlfriend
  • Noah Centineo as Peter, Lara Jean’s boyfriend, and a popular lacrosse player
  • Janel Parrish as Margot, Lara Jean’s mature and responsible older sister who goes to college in Scotland

Written By: Katie Lovejoy

Director: Michael Fimognari

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The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things

Mark, a teen, has been trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over.

He (Mike)has developed various patterns after being trapped in the loop for thousands of days, and is now able to help others without harming them by anticipating their motions.

Mark develops a crush on a girl he gives instructions to and returns to the community pool to meet her, saving her from being thrown into the pool by a beach ball.

His attempts to spend more time with her, however, are constantly frustrated. Another girl named Margaret unexpectedly intervenes one day while waiting to save the girl from being hit with a beach ball. Mark finds her and discovers that she is trapped in the same time loop as him.


  • Kathryn Newton as Margaret
  • Kyle Allen as Mark
  • Jermaine Harris as Henry

Written By: Lev Grossman

Director: Ian Samuels

Star Fells On Alabama

The Plot: A Hollywood agent attends his 15-year high school reunion in his hometown of Alabama. His former classmates believe he is courting and bringing a well-known movie actress with him. He requests a favor from a gorgeous client.


  • James Maslow
  • Lisa Wilson
  • Ciara Hanna

Written By: Robert Windom

Director: V.W Scheich


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