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Best TV Series / Shows You Must Watch this 2020


Best TV Series You Must Watch this 2020. There are so many thrilling TV series lately and it is much for any human to handle. Not that we are complaining though. More than it was before, everyone can get to pick what he or she likes now.

Best TV SeriesThe only thing we can complain about is how hard it gets to keep up with all these interesting TV series. It gat overwhelming sometimes picking from several seasons and our weekly favorite.

But now in this current period, we now get to be at home with a lot of time on our hands.


Because we, not the final judge to determine what is best, we included the shows we thought would be the best though you might disagree. Below is the list of 10 best TV series in 2020.

I Am Not Okay With This

This TV series is more of a teen comedy. The producer of Stranger Things also produced the movie and the director of The End of the f***ing World directed it. The movie came out to be an amazing combination of both movies ( Stranger Things and The End of the f***ing World).

Syd (Sophia Lillis) finds out she is telekinetic that only manifest when she seems to be angry. Though the story feels familiar its a great metaphor for teen angst.

The TV show has only 1 season and 7 episodes now, the majority of the episodes have a runtime of 20 minutes. So you can enjoy the whole season on a quiet and cool day.

The Outsider

The Outsider was the first big drama from HBO this year, the movie is an adaptation of Stephen King. Terry Maitland ( Bateman) was accused of the death of a local boy and a local little league coach. However, detectives were given the job to find out the missing pierce in the case.

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The movie looks like another series of True Detective (it also begins like one). But since the movie is a handiwork of King, it will not take long for the movie to change direction to a supernatural one. The movie is worth checking out.

Star Trek: Picard

Jean-Luc, decided to retire and chill in a vineyard with his dog by his side, after saving the galaxy for thousands of times, and not happy with his line of work and those in command.

That’s the story set for the return of Patrick Stewart in the Star Trek franchise, but as you can predict, Jean-Luc won’t be retired for long. Before the end of the first Picard episode, Jean-Luv without any crew or starship embarked a journey to get both so that he could solve chaotic mysteries from yesteryear.

Narcos: Mexico

The original and popular Narcos TV series. Was about the Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, with the rise of crime in his name. Though it was a tough act to follow Wagner Moura Netflix got a great actor to pass his cool menace.

Narcos: Mexico started in a great way, although the absence of Moira was felt, even starring amazing casts like Michael Pena and Diego Luna.

Season one of the movie ended in a complex way. By which the Mexican Drug lord Luna felt the pressure of wrong deals, betrayal from friends, and even dangerous business dealers. A lot to anticipate in the coming season.

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High Fidelity

Two wonderful TV series have been released by Hulu this year. Night Fidelity being one of them is an adaptation of a novel by Nick Hornby. The movie is about a woman who uses music to have a reflection on her past failed relationships.

The season only has 10 cool episodes that will tap you to some lovely music you know. It’s a cool reason for you to see High Fidelity.

Elite season 3

It would be easy to say Elite is another lascivious teen drama. Although it’s not the first time we see the drama of rich teens soaked with sex and murder. There are also good reasons why the Spanish TV show ‘Elite’ is one of the most-streamed series on Netflix

In an imperfect world Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars took a smooth look. Elite was firm and strong to face real and substantial issues.

Even with a fancy setting Elite explored religion and other forms that have an impact on teens.

Feel Good

Feel Good is a comedy-drama TV series. A standup comedian fell in love with George (Charlotte Ritchie). She’s a someone who dates men and ends it snogging.

They lived together and had a happily ever afterlife. But real life is not that way so there is more to it.


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