Bigo Live app

Bigo Live App Features and How to Download Bigo Live App


What is Bigo Live App

Bigo Live App is one of the fastest-growing live streaming application which has spread its branches all over the world. with over 150 countries and they have more than 400 million users on the app currently.

Live streaming is one constituent of this physical activity. Many people use the Bigo Live App to display their talent through Live Video Streaming.

Bigo Live app


However, it is the most popular Live video social Network in the whole world. You can get to watch live video, What, and also messages the Bigo Live App. It is available for Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, it supports different types of Devices.

Features of Bigo Live App

The Bigo Live App is rising start currently in the world. The users can select videos according to the categories which include games, popular, and also multi guest. The app has gotten so popular in a short length of time. Below are some of the amazing features of the Live streaming application that stands it put out from others. The app inspires users to be more creative and display their skills in live videos

  • Live Broadcasting: The users can watch live videos. He or she can also live broadcast from his or her devices anytime and from any place.
  • Make Million of Followers: If the user has good communications skills, an appealing personality, or talent, he or she can then have millions of followers on this account and become a superstar with Bigo Live online as the application offers so much exposure.
  • Invite Friends: The user can communicate to anyone b Guest Live Feature. He or she can as well invite his friends and family and make new friends. This feature allows the users to go live with friends and make a video call with them.
  • Earn Real Money: This is also another top feature of the Bigo Live app, that allows the user to earn real money through the Bigo Live app. The money goes directly into the user’s bank account. As the user broadcast, he or she earns followers, money goes to his or her account.
  • Education Channel: This is another feature of the Bigo Love app which is new, English tutors provide real-time online English coaching on Bigo Live for free. It is a very good feature which is helpful for those who find it difficult to pronounces or even read and speak English.
  • Real-Time Interaction: This is one of the best features of the Live broadcasting app that allows users to communicate and interacts with others in real-time. The users can support and interact with each other by sending gifts.
  • Filters and Stickers: This feature is very common to most social media platforms. Using Filters and stickers makes your chats and interaction more fun.
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How to Download and Install Bigo Live App On Android

Bigo Live app is available on the Google Play Store, you can download it directly. Below are the steps to follow to download and install Bigo Love on any Android devices

  • First, you should click on the Google Play Stor icon from the Apps section of your Android device.
  • When Play Store opens up, you have to tap on the search tab to type in as BIGO LIVE APP
  • Now you will see BIGO LIVE app along with a list of related apps as suggestions while typing. Click on BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Live Video, and Chat.
  • You will be directed to the app information screen of the Bigo Live app in which you should tap on the Install Button.
  • Now click on the Accept button when Bigo live prompts you with the list of permissions it needs to access on your device.
  • Bigo Live app will start its downloading process on your device Android device. after that, click on the Open button to start using the app on your android device

How to Download and Install Bigo Live on iOS


The app can directly be downloaded from the App Store. All you need is to follow the steps below to get guidelines on how to download and install Bigo Live for iOS

  • First, click on the App Store icon on your iPhone or any iOS device to open it
  • Now click on the search bar to type in the app name, and then click on the search button from the bottom
  • Then click on the Get button to start downloading it on your iPhone or any iOS
  • You have to provide your Apple ID password to continue the process of BIGO LIVE on iOS.
  • Click on the Open button to start using the app after the download has been completed.
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How to Go on Live on Bigo Live

  • First Click on the Live Button at the bottom of the middle
  • You can begin regular live, multi-guest live, or game live
  • Now add a title for your life and choose live tags, like #music so that people can easily find your live video
  • The next step is to share the live link to social media platform to make more people watch your live
  • After that click “Go Live”

How to Sign up and Log in Bigo LiVE

  • First Download Bigo Live App from Google Play or App Store
  • Now sign up with Facebook, Google, or phone number and then log in to your account
  • Note: Keep your personal account and password carefully

Pros of Bigo

  • It improves your skills by entering competitions
  • You can get famous with little time by having a fan following
  • You can also earn handsome income through your creativity
  • Stay connected with those you know and allow others to be a part of your circle
  • You can enjoy the virtual gifts and also use them for more fun with the videos
  • You can as well get connected with those you know and let others be part of your circle

Cons of Bigo

  • They do not maintain chat record
  • So many broadcasters do not like automatic posting features using Facebook
  • There are important hard and fast rules that you will need to follow
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