Black Friday

Black Friday: Most Popular Black Friday Online Site


Black Friday is one of the most hyped events of the year online. It’s the biggest day of the year. Some deals are nothing to show about and others are surprising value deals that should not be missed out. There is always something for everyone.

Black Friday

Most of us can’t wait all year for its shopping season, our heads are filled with the promise of scoring the very best price on a new TV, speaker, gadgets, and also printer.


What is Black Friday?

It is a Tradition that comes from America and has given its name to the day after Thanksgiving. The term refers to stores going into the black for the season, becoming very profitable.

However, This marks the official start of the holiday season, and also holiday shopping to many people. We can just say it is like an early Christmas.

When is it ?

This year’s Black Friday is on November 27, this is when most companies go out getting their discounts by mid-November or even at the end of October to get ahead of the big competitions.

Black Friday Pros

  • Increased Traffic and Sales
    People are looking for deals, there are also shopping for Christmas and Black Friday focuses so much on traffic and sales in a short period.
  • Customer Acquisition
    New customer purchases can be very expensive, but Black Friday allows retailers an opportunity to acquire new customers at a key time of the year.
  • Easier Fulfilment
    One benefit of shifting sales to earlier in the Christmas shopping season is that orders can be processed and shipped well before Christmas. This simply means there no danger that people won’t receive gifts in time for Christmas.
  • An opportunity to Clkear Before Christmas Season
    So many retailers see Black Friday as a Chance to clear old inventory in order to introduce newer stock in time for Christmas.


Black Friday has been known for free and generous discounts, and some customers have come to expect it.

  • Impact on Margins
    More sales are generated around Black Friday, and many retailers enjoy their busiest sales days of the year, but it comes mostly come at the cost of reduced profit margins.
  • It Can Generate Returns
    Discounting and therefore selling more at this stage of the holiday season means that some goods will be returned in the final weeks running up for Christmas. It simply means that retailers’ distribution can become busier at their busiest time of the year.
  • It Crowded and Competitive
    With a lot of brands talking about Black Friday discounts, it can be hard for a retailer to have their message heard above the noise. It also increases competition for retailers.

Most Popular Black Friday Retailers

  • Walmart
    Black Friday Hours: 5 a.m local time
    Online Sle Hours: 7 p.m ET on Nov 25

Walmart Sale Information
The year 2020 has been a wild ride that’s caused people to rethink the way they shop. More people than ever before are going to be completing their holiday online. However, Online shopping is not the only thing that Walmart is focusing on for the holidays. It is also offering a wealth of new gifts.

  • Amazon
    Black Friday Hours: TBD
    Online Sale Hours: TBD

Amazon Sale Information: Amazon has the luxury of being able to offer the most and best discounts on their own products. There will also be plenty of Kindles, Fire tablets, Fire TVs. But since Amazon does not have any offline locations, all of their deals appear on their website. It is important to have your account in good standing with recent payment information


Black Friday Hours: Open at 5 a.m
Online Sale Hours: TBD

Kohl’s Cash! Kohl’s offered $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent November 22 to 27, and that Kohl’s Cash could be redeemed from November 28 to December 9, 2020. Orders placed for store pickup must be done within seven days. Shoppers can use Kohl’s website to place orders for pickup, drive-up, drive, or shipping.

Black Friday Hours: Opens at 5 a.m
Online Sale Hours: TBD

Macy’s information

Macy’s began offering curbside pick options for their shoppers over the course of the pandemic. Shoppers can check online for any item in-store and do not have to choose in-store pickup or curbside pickup until they arrive at the store. Once an order is placed, shoppers will get an email notifying once the order is placed. They can ask how they would like to pick up their items when the shopper has arrived at the store.

  • JCPenny

Hours: Open 5 a.m
Online Sale Hours: TBD

  • Belk
    Hours: Open at 7 a.m
    Online Sale Hours: TBD

Belk Sale Information
Belk released their Black Friday 2020 ad in October on October 30th, 2020. It will take place over the course of several days rather than just limited to a single day of savings. However, the events start on November 20 and run through November 28.

  • Sam’s Club
    Black Friday Hours: TBD
    Online Sale Hours: TBD
  • Toys R Us
    Hours: TBD
    Online Sale Hours: TBD

Toys R Us is running a similar format as they always do, but it appears as though more of their doorbusters will be in-store only this year as from Thursday at 5 pm through midnight. they are offering a selection of 50 percent off in-store doorbusters.

  • Target
    Black Friday Hours: TBD
    Online Sale Hours: TBD
  • Sam’s Club
    Hours: TBD
    Online Sale hours: TBD


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