Black Panther Unseats Avengers as Top Earning Super Hero Film


It’s official, Black Panther is the top-earning superhero film of all time at the U.S box office. However, the film has dethroned Marvel’s Avengers which arrived at a time the Marvel Cinematic Universe was gaining massive popularity.

Black Panther Unseats Avengers as Top Earning Super Hero

Last week Black Panther had a cumulative domestic total of up to $630.9 million which gave it a small lead ahead of the Avengers which held the record with a domestic gross of $623.3 million. But the story has changed as Black Panther is fast approaching the $1 billion mark. Several other MCU films have been released after the Avengers and none of them was close to number one spot.


Captain American: Civil War fell down the pecking order when it comes to top-earning film but Avengers: Age of Ultron made the list with $459 million. We are proud to announce to you that Black Panther did it in just six weeks after its release. It is also assumed that the film will continue to rake in more money because of its trend and growth.

Will Avengers Bounce Back With Infinity Wars?

Now, this is a big question on the lips of movie lovers and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The next Avengers film, The Infinity Wars is just a few weeks away and it is Marvels biggest performers since its first release.  The infinity wars is a major film because it introduces heroes and villains from other MCU in one piece. You will be seeing a mish-mash of over 40 familiar faces on the big screen.

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Infinity Wars is an extension of the Black Panther which has an all-black cast and its cultural significance. Black Panthers unprecedented huge success at the box office is a major boost for Infinity Wars and the MCU.  The wave the film has created is enough to uplift Infinity wars performance at the U.S box office during its release.