Bottle Cap Challenge: Watch Celebrities In The Act


The Bottle Cap Challenge is showing us that opening your drink with your hands is so last week now, it’s all about kicking it open.

If you’ve been on the internet recently then you’ve probably noticed the challenge that even stars like Mariah Carey, Ellie Goulding, Ryan Reynolds, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and more have been attempting.

Jason Statham Prepares for a kick

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The move is all about loosening the bottle cap and kicking it open (won’t work on an empty bottle for obvious reasons) while a mate patiently records you in slow motion. It started after Taekwondo fighter and instructor Farabi Davletchin posted his skilled fly kick. And as such, a viral trend was born.


Actor and avid stuntman Jason Statham also got in the act showing us how Bottle Cap Challenge is done and making it look easy after being nominated by John Mayer. Martial arts actor Donnie Yen even did it blindfolded. It wasn’t only fit celebs that got in the act everyone. Some have even taken to opening up to three bottles at a time. We even clocked one child who managed to open it with a kick of a football.

 How It Is Done

Place a bottle in front of you, lower than chest height (or lower, depending on your ability to kick). Then loosen the lid but with a few twists left otherwise, the lid will just fall off. Using a circular martial arts kick called a roundhouse, attempt to get the sole of your foot to untwist the top. And of course, get someone to record all the attempts. Then upload the one successful finish.

 Celebrities That Has Done The Bottle Cap Challenge?

Mariah Carey is widely lauded to have the challenge by opening the Bottle Cap Challenge without even making any contact. The singer posted a video of her preparing to seemingly kick the bottle cap by warming up with some martial arts-esque moves.

But instead, she used her piercing vocals to send the lid flying off. Skills. Meanwhile, Justin Beiber dares wife Hailey Baldwin and also Tom Cruise to do it. And DJ Diplo challenged himself to do it and nailed it. Then passed it onto Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So go forth, people, and enjoy kicking your drinks.


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