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Michael Flynn Says Trump Will 100% be the Next President

Michael Flynn, former adviser security to the President says Trump will still be the next president. He believes with full confidence and reliance that the Republicans will remain in the White House come 20 January. Mr. Fynn still has numerous routes to a second term, citing many pending lawsuits by the Trump team. However, The […]

Donald Trump Allies Says He Will Run in 2024 but Hints He May Back Down

Donald Trump looks just as interested in people talking about a Trump 2024 campaign as he is in launching a real campaign. Though, he may ultimately turn his teasing into a very serious offer. Running for president would mean a lot of things that sides Trump doesn’t want to deal with. The attention will help […]

Donald Trump “Big one” Supreme Court Gambit is Shutdown

Donald Trump Big One Supreme Court Gambit is Shutdown. The United States Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit by Texas aimed at changing election results in key four states that voted for Joe Biden in a major blow to Donald Trump’s legal efforts t stay in office. Mr. Trump and the Republican supporters of the […]

Indiana Jones 5 : Disney Confirms it Will be the End of the Film Series

Indiana Jones 5 will be the end of the film series. It has been a long time in the making but when Indy at the end returns for his latest adventure, it’s set to be the last. Disney gave fans a long-awaited update on the next episode of the Indiana Jones franchise. The film has […]

Joe Biden and Harris Kamala Named Time’s Person’s of the Year

Joe Biden, President-elect, and Kamala Harris, Vice President-elect have been named Time magazine Person of the Year for 2020. Not one, but two people have been recognized this year. Time magazine has been choosing the year’s most well-known person since 1927. They are chosen for changing the American story, for displaying that the force of […]

Donald Trump Comeback in 2024 is Not Going to Happen

Donald Trump Comeback in 2024 is not going to happen. He lost the presidential election, but his opponents have not gained the victory they want most so far. A tragic puncturing of the Trump movement on supporters and leaves him with no choice but to lurk and into the fuzzy past. At the moment, Trump […]

Melania Trump Just Wants to Live the White House and Go Home.

Melania Trump says she wants to go home as Trump refuses to concede. She is focused on her legacy. With the United States refusing to accept in the recently concluded Presidential election to Mr. Joe Biden. First lady Melania Trump wants to go home. However, Melania publicly accepts the Presidential sentiment. Donald Trump is concerned […]

Joe Biden Considering China Ambassadorship for former Mayor Buttigieg

Joe Biden, President-elect is considering nominating former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg to a high-level ambassadorship, possibly to China. Buttigieg, an Afghanistan war veteran who fought Biden for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, was among the top contestant for the role of ambassador to the United Nations. However, Me Biden’s office did not quickly […]

Donald Trump Is Suing Joe Biden Over Wisconsin Election Result

Donald Trump, President of United States is suing Mr. Joe Biden, President-Elect over Wisconsin Election Result. His attempt to take legal action over the election result has not been proved very successful so far. However, Trump is nothing if determined, as his administration is now suing Joe Biden. the sitting president had filled 33 lawsuits […]

Attack On Titan: Favourite Characters and Essential Scenes to Remember

Attack on Titan is an entirely captivating, enthralling, and thrilling series. It follows protagonist Eren Yeager in a world where humans live within the safety of 3 circular fifty meter high walls. The attack on Titan anime is basically based on the Japanese Manga series Shingeki no Kyojin written and drawn by the mastermind and […]