Donald Trump Undercuts American Democracy as he Clings to Power.

Donald Trump is trying to steal a free and fair election that he lost to Joe Biden, President-elect by a wide gap. He is trying to throw out hundreds of thousands of votes by tearing at the most fundamental principle of American democracy. The latest plan of his attempt to change the result of the […]

Donald Trump: World braced for more bombshells from Furious Trump

Both enemies and allies alike of Donald Trump are supporting themselves this week, for foreign policy bombshells dropped by a furious United States President lashing out over his election defeat. President of the United State wages a legal fight at home over what he falsely alleges is election fraud. Trump declared a hasty drawdown of […]

Donald Trump Pays $3 Million for Election Recounts in Wisconsin

Donald Trump, President of the United States. his campaign has paid $3 million for a recount of votes in Wisconsin’s two largest Democratic countries In a desperate new attempt to stop Joe Biden’s succession to the White House. However, Mr. Biden received 577, 455 votes in the two countries compared with 213,157 for Mr. Donald […]

COVID-19: Chinese Vaccine ‘Successful in Mid-Stage Trials’

A Covid-19 vaccine developed in China has shown success in the mid-stage. There are many vaccines being developed in China for Covid-19, som are already administered However, the announcement comes after European and US vaccines reported successful data from large late-stage trials. The Sinovac Biotech vaccine led to a fast immune response during trials of […]

 Donald Trump Fires Top Election Security Official who Contradicted him

Donald Trump, President of the United States has fired a top election official who contradicted Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud. Trump terminated Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Chris Krebs for his highly incorrect remarks on vote integrity. Since Donald Trump has refused to accept and surrender the US election and also made unjustifiable claims […]