Schedule Tweets on Twitter – How to Schedule Tweets

Twitter now allows its user to schedule tweets from twitter. So, how do you schedule tweets on Twitter? read on to find out how to do so!   What is Twitter? Twitter is an American microblogging and social media platform on which users post and interact with messages called “tweets”. On Twitter, users can post, […]

Facebook Avatar – Facebook Launches Avatar Across Africa

Facebook Avatar: Facebook has newly launched Avatars in Africa to give people new ways t express themselves online. Facebook Avatar is an amazing feature on Facebook, You can use avatars to share a range of emotions and expressions through the digital persona that is unique to you. Read on to learn more about Avatars and […]

Facebook Messenger – App Lock and New Privacy Settings

Facebook Messenger: Messenger now has a new feature, this feature enables users to add another layer of security to your private messages, and prevent others from accessing it. With the Messenger app lock, you re confident to know that if a friend or a family member needs to borrow your phone, they won’t be able […]

Facebook Avatar New Update | Facebook Avatar Creator: Facebook Avatar Link

Facebook rolled out its new feature (Facebook Avatar) to the users in the US, after launching it last year in other countries. Facebook Avatar is a Facebook feature that allows its users to create a cartoon photo of themselves. These cartoon photos can be used in comments, Facebook stories, and Messenger. According to Facebook, this […]

Facebook Messenger Rooms Review: How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook recently launched a new service called the “Facebook Messenger Rooms”. And this social platform is a room that allows large group to host a video call and also share text conversations. You do not have to start meeting in person if you want to host a meeting. All you have to do is to […]

Most Followed on Instagram

Instagram users have always had the interest of having many followers. And it has been like a trend for celebrities and other users when it comes to being the highest followed user on Instagram. Instagram was created on October 06, 2010. and since then it has been very successful social media where people can advertise […]

How to Block and Unblock Someone on Facebook

Facebook, as we all know is a social media platform that has millions of users. We can get bored/tired of seeing a friend or family posts, or even mad at a friend in real life and want some space. Unfriending them is always an option but it’s a harsh one, as it can’t be undone […]

How to Save Items | How to find Saved Items on Facebook

Saving items on Facebook is an easy thing to do, but a lot of Facebook users don’t know how to view their saved items. This article is all you need to know about Facebook and how to save a view of items on Facebook.   Facebook is a social media platform that makes it easy […]

Pinterest Board ideas : Creating Boards from your Profile

What is Pinterest? Pinterest Board Ideas: Pinterest is a platform which enables its users to share, explore, and store visual, helpful, entertaining, and inspiring contents. It also enables users add or pin their chosen content to boards with a common theme, this makes it organized and so other users can discover new contents related to […]

How to Hide and Unhide a Post on Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that is filled with millions of people. This is the main reason why some of its users do not want the whole world to access their personal information. Here you will learn how to hide and unhide your information from people on Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform […]