Facebook Dating is Launching Over 20 Countries

Facebook dating is said to be a digital dating product in development at Facebook. It a feature in the main FB app, it doesn’t have a separate app. it is more like a space within the Facebook app, that makes it easier to meet and start a new conversation with people that has similar interest. […]

Ways to See Pending Posts on Your Facebook Timeline

Facebook, as we all know, is a social media platform that enables us to communicate with people all over the world. Facebook is one of the best platforms for communication which has a lot of features and settings. In this article, you will learn how to see a pending post on your Facebook timeline. What […]

How to Create a Facebook fan page and Keep your Account Private

Today’s article is about how to create a Facebook fan page and How to Keep your Account Private. Facebook is a big social media platform which allows users to connect with friends, family, work colleague or people they don’t know, online. Facebook allows people to share pictures, videos, music, articles, thoughts, and opinions with people. […]

Facebook Dating in US: FB has Launch The Facebook Dating Features in US

Facebook Dating Feature has been launched in some countries over the year but it’s restricted to some countries. Am happy to announce to you that it has been launched in the United State. Just incase you have no clue about the FB Dating, Read through this article to get full gist about FB Dating is […]

Facebook Dating Features and How to Set Your Dating Profile

Facebook Dating is a feature in the Facebook Application, thats is Facebook Dating is the Main Facebook App. There’s not an external App for Dating. This app is for singles who are looking for other singles to connect with. If you need a date, relationship then this FB Dating is for you. Like i said […]

Facebook Dating App: How to Download the Facebook Dating App

Today’s article centered around the Facebook Dating app and How to download it? Now, what is the Facebook dating app? This is an app bought to you by facebook so as to get connected with singles on facebook, with millions of users across the globe. The amazing app also helps one get connected to other […]