The 5 Best Free Movie Making Apps in 2021

This article will discuss the best movie-making apps. How many people recall watching academic videos in school? Or having to perform in front of the class as a group or even have fond memories of designing posters or participating in PowerPoint discussions? Students can now integrate all three by creating class videos. These videos can be […]

How To Reduce Data Usage on an iPhone

In the majority of areas, mobile data plans are restricted and pricey. Once your allotted limit is depleted, the additional charges can be hefty. The most effective strategy to keep these charges under control is to limit your iPhone’s overall cellular data use. Therefore, let’s have a look at practical ideas to help you reduce […]

Restore Android Apps and Games – Step By Step Guide

Transferring data to a new device can be a difficult undertaking due to the volume of data to transfer. You’ll need to migrate your settings, applications, contacts, messages, and media files, among other things. You may quickly transfer some of these utilizing a straightforward manner such as the Google Photos app for photos and Google’s […]

eCard: The Best eCard Apps in 2021

We don’t always have time to go to the store and select a suitable card for each and every occasion. And even if we do have the time, it’s far more convenient to browse for cards on your phone and mail them digitally as well. You won’t even need to bother about stamps or mailing […]

Mac OS Tips/Trick: Finder Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS

Although the Finder appears to be quite simple, it conceals a wealth of information. Whether you want to cut and paste files or navigate to a specific folder, learning the appropriate keyboard shortcuts is critical. Keyboard Shortcuts for the Finder on the Mac Keyboard shortcuts for the Finder might help you work and play more […]

Google Webmaster Login and How to use Webmaster

Google Webmaster is also the same thing as Google Webmaster Sign-in. They both serve the same function and also mean the same thing. so don’t get confused whenever you come across them. However, if you own a website or you are a blogger, you must have probably come across the word “Google Webmaster” There are […]

How to Create a Website and types of website

Website is without a doubt that they are the most essential element of the internet. The term website is sometimes used inconsistently, In order to make it clear once and for all. What Is a Website? Website is the main location of web pages that are related and also accessed by visiting the home page […]

Apple Shutdown All stores across the Globe Except China

Apple Shutdown All stores across the Globe Except China because of COVID 19. We all know about all the recent happenings in the world, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is fast spreading and all the countries are making efforts to eradicate it. This virus was transmitted from animals to humans. It is said to be a family […]

Twitter Dark Mode, Twitter New Features

Twitter now has some amazing new features, but before then let’s talk about Twitter as a brand. Twitter is a microblogging and social networking platform, which allows its users to interact with messages, send and receive short posts called ‘Tweets’. It was launched on the 21st of March, 2006 in California, San Francisco, United States. […]

Ways to Retrieve Lost / Deleted text message on iPhone

If you accidentally delete or lost an important text message on your iPhone, you can be able to retrieve it through the following ways: You can retrieve it from iCloud backup From iCloud Website Phone Provider Retrieve from iTunes backup Use a third-party app How to Retrieve Your Lost Text Message from iCloud backup If […]