Chinese Male Names with Unique and Powerful Meaning


Male Chinese names seem to follow some certain trend which is common to Chinese culture. However, according to the traditions and customers of the Chinese people, male children mainly acquire family names, which come from ethnic groups.


Family is the most important element of society. According to the Chinese way of life, the ancestral roots remain a centripetal part of the Chinese nation. However, the belief that ancestors bring pride to their families for many years. So they maintain names while naming their newborns to ensure that their culture and their traditions are preserved while retaining the ancestry names.


Here are the most popular Chinese male names with amazing meaning that cut across the whole country in any case of difference in the culture that you will fall in love

  • Ai: Means Loving
  • Aiguo: Means patriotic
  • Bai: This means something clear or white
  • Bingwen; Someone who is a master of arts
  • Bo: Means waves it also used to mean an elder brother
  • Bohai: Means sea waves
  • Bolin: Means gentle waves
  • Bolin: Means gentle rain
  • Hong: Means wild goose, a swan, great or vast
  • Jingguo: Means administering the country
  • Zhaohui: Means brightness returns
  • Chang: Means old or to grow
  • Changing: Means flourishing bright
  • Boqin: Means senior respect
  • Liqin: Means beautiful harp, lute, or zither
  • Zhen: Means enlightenment and strength
  • Fan: It means mortal
  • Shunyuan: Means obedient to the Mongol rulers
  • You: Means excellent, abundant, luxurious, or ruler
  • Zhiqiang: Means the will is strong

Powerful  Names with Meanings

chinese male names

The desire of every parent is to give his or her child a name that carries a special and powerful meaning. Since names prove to carry the meaning into the child’s life and shape the child’s destiny. Chinese boy names meaning hope would be the perfect name as they motivate and inspire the child’s future. Below are several names for your male names

  • Guozhi: Means may the state government or may the kingdom heal
  • Honghi: Means a great splendor
  • Jian: Means a strong or indefatigable. People with these names are associated with a lot of strength and boldness and are unshaken by any situation they pass through, they are successful in their lives
  • Li: Means plums
  • Lowei: Means profit and greatness
  • Liqin: Means beautiful harp, lute, or zither
  • Liu: Means the willow. This associate with brightness and having very sharp brains
  • Lei: Means well- being. The parents give this name to wish their children good health and prosperity in their lives
  • Huan: Means joy or satisfaction
  • Junjie: Means handsome here. These people tend to be leaders and easily conquer domains.
  • Gui: Means honorable, dear, or very valuable.
  • Fu: Means being rich and having affluent.
  • Guangli: Means making property bright.
  • Gen: Means a root. Meaning it is strong
  • Mellin: Means a plum grove.

Chinese Boy Names Easy to Pronounce

Some people find it very hard to pronounce Chinese names. Despite the fact, there are names that are so easy to pronounce with difficulty. Here is a list of Chinese boy names that can be easily pronounced.

  • Ping; Means tranquil
  • Qi: Means wondrous
  • Qiang: Means aspiring and proud
  • Qing: Means sky blue
  • Qiu: Means Autumn
  • Quan: Means a spring
  • Ru: Means a scholar
  • Shan: Refers to a mountains
  • Shen: Means cautious or deep
  • Shi: Means mankind
  • Shun: Means obedient and a legendary ruler. This set of people tend commanders and to be great rulers.
  • Ai: Means loving. These people tend to be very social with others.
  • Bai: means clear or white
  • Bo: Means waves. The name also means an elder brother
  • Chao: Means surpassing
  • Chen: Means the morning
  • Cheng: Means accomplished
  • Fa: Means to send or to issue forth
  • Fan: Means mortal
  • Lei: Means thunder. People believe that this person is very strong.
  • Li: Means plums
  • Liang: Means something clear or bright.
  • Ling: Means intelligent or spiritual
  • Liqin: Means a beautiful harp or zither
  • Liu: Means the willow

Good  Chinese Male Names


There are also some good Chinese names that are cute, and carry a sweet meaning. Calling some of these names will make your child special and amazing.

  • Xiu: Means beautiful
  • Yongliang: Means forever bright
  • Zemin: Means Kindness to people
  • Yongrui: Means forever lucky
  • Honguhui: Means great splendor
  • Da: Means intelligent
  • Huiliang: Means kind and good
  • Gui: Means honorable. it also means valuable.
  • Xing: Means a spark or star
  • Xiaoli: Means intellectual
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