Christmas Party Games

Christmas Party Games to Play and Enjoy at Work and With the Family


Christmas Party Games are best time to play with the the whole family. It is a time to share love and happiness with the family. A time to remember good memories.

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Whenever it comes to planning a Christmas games this year, you have likely labored over a memorable menu. Christmas party games are good most especially keepin the children table fully enetertianed. No matter what type of Christmas games you choose to play, one thing for sure is This Christmas you won’t forget so soon because it been a very starnge year for all us.


Christams Party Games to Play and Enjoy at Work or With Family

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Playing Christmas  games at your family gathering, holiday party, office party or youth event is a great way to break the ice and keep the fun rolling. It is a great way to bond with family you don’t see very often. It also breaks the ice and offers you something to do when you are not sure how to even to begin a coversation. Below are the best Christmas Party games you can enjoy and play with the whole family

  • The Bag Game
    The Bag Game is a perfect christmas party game for group gatherings. You can play and enjoy it with your family regardelss of age and it’s lot of laughs. This is a very fun active game for a youth event or for an office party.
  • The Saran Wrap Ball
    The Sran Wrap Ball Game is quickly becoming a favourite among both children and adults. It is another one that is great for all ages. Though it has a comeptitve side to it too which is extra fun.
  • Film Bingo
    This is for the whole family. Get as many pieces of card or paper as there are game players, then everyone writes things in a ningo card format they believe are classic. lines or events that happen in Christmas films.
  • Ornament Guessing Game
    This is another christmas game that the whole family can play. It is a very exciting game, whether cowworkers, family, or friends, it is agame that anybody of age can play.
  • Gift Relay
    This game requaires at least teo teams with an equal number of partaker. Et up teo tabels per tem about 20 feet apart with an equal amount of players at each table. This Christmas Party Games is one of the exciting gmes to partake in.
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 Other Games to Consider

  • Oven Mitt Unwrap
    This Holiday game is defintely one you should be playing with your entire family this season.You will need two dice, one set of oven mitts, and one wrapped gift. The rules ae very simple.
  • The Flour Game
    This hilarious party games is a family favourite. It’s admittedly more fun to watch it for some than to play. If you are looking for something that is sure to get peopl engaged and interacting. This party game will do justice to that.
  • Oven Mitt Unwrap
    This Holiday game is defintely one you should be playing with your entire family this season.You will need two dice, one set of oven mitts, and one wrapped gift. The rules ae very simple.
  • White Elephant
    This is the most classic Christmas party game, White Elephant game resolves around what everyone loves the most about the holiday. This is fun game where everyone wins.

 Games For Large Groups

Holiday Games for the family might work just as well for large groups, but you may want to get more creative if you are bringing together some visitiors who don’t know wach other. Choose Christmas game ideas that eveubody will undestand, enjoy and it is sutiable for large groups.

  • Ornament On a Spoon
  • Human Chrstmas Tree
  • Who am I
  • Ornament Guessing Game
  • Gift Relay
  • Christmas Movie Trivia
  • Penguin Waddle Game
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Christmas Party Games for Kids

christmas party games for kids

Fun Christmas party Games can include everything from playing dress up to memory games. With some of our game idea below, you you can play with just a few people or gather the whole family to split into teams to make the game seven more festive. some games below such as

  • Christmas Edition
  • Candy Canes
  • Santa Limbo
  • Christmas Charades
  • Christmas Memory Game
  • Family Feud Christmas
  • Stocking Guessing Game
  • Blinfold Christmas Drawing
  • Stocking Fill-UP
  • Pin the Nose On Rudolph

Super Games to Play on Christmas Eve


Do you need something to make your christmas Eve. Here are the best ice breakers, guessing games and other fun activites for just any kind of Christmas party to make it the best memorable one.

  • Ornament Guess
  • Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay
  • Name that Carol
  • Snowball Throw
  • Marshmallow Stack
  • Holiday Preparedness Pop Quiz
  • Christmas Guess Who
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