Cleaning Jobs in the USA for Foreigners – Apply Now

Cleaning Jobs in the USA for Foreigners – Apply Now

Are you looking for cleaning jobs in the USA that you can apply for as a foreigner? Or you are thinking of moving to the USA to work as a cleaner but don’t have sponsorship for your visa? This article is here to help you.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 250,000+ immigrants that apply to work in the USA each year.

And there are currently lots of cleaning job vacancies available that offer visa sponsorship to foreigners to work in the USA.


In this article, you would come to understand everything you need to apply for cleaning jobs in the USA. Let’s get into the discussion for this article.

  • What are the Benefits of Cleaning Jobs in the USA?
  • Responsibilities of Cleaning Jobs in the USA
  • 5 Cleaning Jobs in the USA for foreigners
  • Visa types for Cleaning Jobs in the USA

What are the Benefits of Cleaning Jobs in the USA?

Working a cleaning job in the USA comes with some benefits contrary to how most people see cleaners these days. If you are working as a cleaner in the USA, you can expect to receive the benefits listed below:

  1. Working days off (usually 1 working day off) depending on your company.
  2. Tips for the customers most especially cleaners working in a Hotel.
  3. You get the satisfaction of having done a good job
  4. Housing benefits depend on the company you are working for.

Responsibilities of Cleaning Jobs in the USA

Working as a cleaner comes with some responsibilities. These are the things you need to take note of or do when carrying out your duties.

Below are some of the responsibilities of a cleaner working in the USA.

  1. You are responsible for cleaning the designated environment (house, hotel, lounge, or roads)
  2. You are responsible for equipment of gadgets within your cleaning environment.
  3. You are to notify the management when there is a need to repair anything sort of inventory within your working space.
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5 Cleaning Jobs in the USA for foreigners

In this section, we would be going into the various types of cleaning jobs you can do as a foreigner in the USA. We would also be looking at the average salaries for these jobs.

House Keeper

A housekeeper is one of the cleaning job roles you can apply for in the USA. According to research, in areas where you have most people are working-class people, there is a high demand for housekeeping jobs.

Not many people have the time to perform a thorough cleaning of their homes in the USA. This is why they hire housekeepers to keep their homes clean.

Working as a housekeeper, you would be responsible for vacuuming, sanitizing the home, taking the trash out, and all sorts of cleaning within the home.

You can expect to earn an average hourly salary of $15 – $50, which makes about $3,600 per month.


Working as a janitor, you would be keeping the surroundings clean and all surfaces. Janitors are often hired in places like companies, schools, offices, and halls. They are tasked with all sorts of cleaning including the ceilings and walls.

As a janitor, you can expect to be paid an average monthly salary of about $2,500 and $3,500 excluding tax.

Maid Services

Maids are hired to clean the home whenever the need arises. They work on an hourly basis. Also responsible for caring for children if the work demands it. They wash clothes and perform all other homely tasks the home.

Working as a maid, you can expect to be paid between $15 and $50 per hour. Your monthly salary would be between $2,500 and $3,600.

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The maid can earn more if they are working freelance, this way they get to keep all the wages and commissions including tips from their clients.

Maintenance Worker

A maintenance worker is someone that is responsible for maintaining and cleaning buildings or offices. They are commissioned to clean a building before it is launched or when a client is not currently residing in the home.

They live where they work most time and are provided access to the homes they work in. Working as a maintenance worker, you can expect to be paid a monthly salary of $3,000 and $5,000 depending on your relationship with the client.

Parking Attendant

A parking attendant’s job entails parking cars and managing the flow of traffic within a controlled environment. They often work in hotels and large companies that have numerous amounts of cars.

Working as a parking attendant, you can expect to earn a monthly average salary of $2,500 and $4,000 excluding tips and taxes.

Visa types for Cleaning Jobs in the USA

In order to get these cleaning jobs in the USA, there are certain visas that you would need to apply for and get. Below are some of the visas for getting cleaning jobs in the USA:

  1. J-1 Visa
  2. H-2B Visa
  3. B-1 Visa

The next step is to find out what visa fits into the type of cleaning jobs you want to do in the USA. You can find those jobs by visiting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and SimpleHired. Check out the requirements needed before you apply for them.

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