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The Colony Movie cast and the TV series Review


The Colony is a science fiction horror movie and also a Canadian film. The colony movie was released on the 20th of September 2013, although it was partially released on the 26th of April 2013. The director of the movie is Jeff Renfroe.

The Colony Movie cast and the TV series Review Colony hd movie trailer image

The movie was written by Jeff Renfroe, Svet Rouskov, Patrick Tarr, Pascal Trottier. The colony movie is produced by Paul  Barkin, Matthew Cervi, Marie-Claud Poulin and Pierre Even. The movie is about a group of people that is the colonies. These people are survival of an ice age but are faced with another ice age. Click HERE to download the movie or click visit 123movies to download on your iPhones. Goto HERE to learn howto download it for free.


These people don’t have a choice than to stay underground due to another ice age. The tragedy of the movie begins when the colony 7 went to check on the colony 5 but both colonies lose contact. When the colony 7 gets to the colony 5 space they found out the group has fallen. The group falls due to the new enemies that emerge. That is in the play nominees of colony 7 found it difficult to go back because they were attacked by cannibals.

Colony Movie cast

  • Kelvin Zeger: He acted as sam in the play.
  • Laurence Fishburne: He played the role of Briggs
  • Bill Paxton: He is Mason in the movie
  • Charlotte Sullivan: She acted as Kai
  • John Tench as Viktor
  • Lisa Berry as Nara in the play
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The colony Tv series

This is an American science fiction television series show. The show was created by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal. The first season of the film consists of ten episodes which were premiered with an online preview release. The online preview was released on USA network website on the 15th of December 2015. The series commences less than a year that the movie arrival.

The film is about an extended family(the Bowman family) that were separated due to a mysterious alien invasion. In this movie, the scattered family tries to find a way of reuniting the family, Although the families find themselves on an opposite side of the battle. But they still have the hope of reuniting themselves.

The Colony Tv series cast

Josh Holloway: He played the role of Will Bowman, he is a former US army ranger and also an FBI special agent. He works under Billy Sullivan as a mechanic and a truck driver. Bowman started working for the Redhats and his main objective of working for the Redhats is to protect his family. The profession of the Redhats is to hunt down Resistance member.

Alex Neustaedter: He is Bram Bowman the teenaged son of Will and Katie.

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Sarah Wayne Callies: She acted as Katie Bowman in the play and she owns a new york Orlean style bar. She is Will Bowman wife and also a secret Resistance operative.

Isabella Crovetti-Cramp: She is Grace Kathryn in the play and she is the youngest daughter of Will and Katie.

Peter Jacobson: He is Alan Snyder in the play and also the Proxy Governor of the Los Angeles Bloc. Snyder lied that he is the former Stanford University provost but the truth prevail and it was revealed that he was the purchasing manager at a small community college. He was fond of embezzling money from his employer.

Amanda Righetti: She acted as Madeline in the movie and she is Katie’s younger sister.

Tory Kittles: He played the role of Eric Broussard, he is a former U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon, Central Intelligence Agency assassin. Eric Broussard is Katie’s main Resistance contact. He later changes to a resistance operative, he also works as a Redhat.


Jacob Buster: He acted as Charlie Bowman, Charlie is Will and Katie’s younger son. He was separated from his family a year before the start of the series. He later reunites with his family in the play.

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