In France, a notable research professor gave results from what could be a new cure for coronavirus and reported it was a success. From early tests suggesting in six days stopping the spread of the virus. Source https://www.connexionfrance.com

Coronavirus CureIn Marseille Professor Didier Raoult from the infection hospital l’Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire (IHU) Mediterranee Infection (Bouches-du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur), on Monday, March released a video explaining the test.

Professor Raoult a specialist in infectious diseases and also the head of the IHU Mediterranee Infection was given the duty by and consulted by the French government to investigate and research possible cure the coronavirus.


He said there was a quick and effective healing process of the first Covid-19 patients to be treated with Chloroquine drugs. There was a good decrease rate on the time they could spread the virus.

Chloroquine – administered with the drug named Plaquenil. It is normally seen or used to treat and prevent malaria.

24 patients were offered the treatment. They were among the first infected to the virus in the southeast of France, They volunteered themselves to the hospital for the treatment procedure.

For 10 days the patients were given per day 600mcg. They observed them closely, as the medicine can affect other medications and in some cases also cause a bad effect.

US Researchers agree.

On Friday, March 13, a new academic study published by the US scientific researchers, also spoke of the effectiveness of the chloroquine treatment, which appears to be in accordance with France’s findings.

It said.”The use of chloroquine has shown effective outcomes in infected humans. Giving the patience quick recovery from the virus and short stay in the hospital.

“Chloroquine has been in existence since 1945 to fight malaria, autoimmune, and other different conditions. It’s globally available and cheap. However, Adults and children of all ages can be prescribed.

Ebola Drug (Remdesivir): Coronavirus Cure

However, the hope for the coronavirus cure has been raised today. An infected man from Italy in his late 70s has recovered after been given the experimental Ebola drug.

Remdesivir was given to the unidentified 79-year old man by doctors. Which in scientist all over the world have tested in the desperation of finding a cure.

Liguria officials – in the coastal region where the Italian lives south of Milan- announced the man recovering and will be sent home after staying in the hospital for 12 days.

According to Genova Today a local newspaper, the Italian who received the remdesivir has been in the hospital since March 7 with the coronavirus.

San Martino Hospital Doctors in Genoa, where the Italian was treated, decided to give him the drug.

The hospital director of the infectious disease clinic, Professor Matteo Bassetti, said the Remdesivir Drug seems to be working.

It was announced that the man would be allowed to home in a joint press conference with the president of Ligua. Since he does not have the virus anymore.


Local Journalists reported that Professor Bassetti revealed the giving of remdesivir to other patients.

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