COVID-19: Chinese Vaccine ‘Successful in Mid-Stage Trials’


A Covid-19 vaccine developed in China has shown success in the mid-stage. There are many vaccines being developed in China for Covid-19, som are already administered

However, the announcement comes after European and US vaccines reported successful data from large late-stage trials.



The Sinovac Biotech vaccine led to a fast immune response during trials of around 700 people.

Three vaccines developed in the United States, Russia including Germany have all released data suggesting efficiency of more than 90%

After trials with tens of thousands of people.

Sinovac Biotech is conducting these same late stage trials as well, but there is no data released on those trials for the Covid-19 virus

This does not mean really mean that the other researchers are ahead.

All promising and positive stuff should wait to see the result of the larger-scale trials at the moment underway in Brazil, Turkey,

including Indonesia before drawing any firm conclusion about its effectiveness.

Though, the study carried in April and May this year didn’t give a percentage of the vaccine’s success rate.

The result published in the scientific journal The Lancet were only from the first and second trial phases of one of those four vaccines.

Covid-19: What we know about the vaccine?

Notwithstanding, China is racing to develop a Covid vaccine, and four have entered the third and final stage of clinical trials.

Including the one created by Sinovac Biotech. The pandemic reported to be almost entirely under control within China.

The late-stage trials of the four Chinese vaccines are being carried out in Pakistan, Russia, Brazil, including Saudi Arabia.

Three of the vaccines are already being offered to essential workers as part of an emergency programmer.

But one got approved for the Chinese military in June.

No data from the ongoing large phase 3 trials has been published yet.

its vaccine is far different from the ones announced by Pfizer/Bion Tech and Moderna in that it has been developed using the traditional methods.

The development of the vaccines does not it is the end of the pandemic of Covid-19

but however the beginning of a slow and long return to normality.

Researchers will not know how productive any of them will be in the long term until they start being rolled out in the general population.

How Does it Compare With the Other Vaccines?

There has been a string of promising vaccine news from all over the world these past few days for the Covid-19 virus

It was Germany-US vaccine by Pfizer and BioNtech was reported first to be more than 90% effective.

US company Moderna said its vaccine showed nearly 95% efficiency.

But in both cases, the result is precursive and haven’t been accepted yet. Then, it was a Russian Covid vaccine was reported to be 92% effective after trials.

This was however allowed for emergency use within Russia.


Authorities have a certain level of trust in the jabs with the use of vaccine candidates for emergency cases in China.

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