Dolittle Movie Trailer, Review, Cast and Plot (a Must Watch)


Dolittle is a 2020 American fantasy adventure movie based on the titular character created by Hugh Lofting and is primarily inspired by The Voyages of Doctor, the second Doctor Dolittle book. Dolittle filming began in March 2018, taking place around the United Kingdom.


  • Director: Stephen Gaghan
  • Writer: Hugh Lofting
  • Release Date: 17th of January 2020 [United State]


  • Robert Downey as Dr. John Dolittle

Dr. John Dolittle is a widowed veterinarian who has the ability to speak to animals.

  • Kasia Smutniak as Lily Dolittle

Lily Dolittle is Dolittle’s deceased wife.

  • Harry Collet  as Tommy Stubbins

He is Dolittle’s self-appointed apprentice.

  • Antonio Banderas as Rassouli

Rassouli is the king of pirates, who was Lily’s father and Dolittle’s father-in-law.

  • Michael Sheen as Dr. Blair Müdfly

An old schoolmate and rival of Dolittle.

  • Jim Broadbent as Lord Thomas Badgley

Thomas Badgley is one of the Queen’s scheming chairmen.

  • Jessie Buckley as Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria is the Queen of England.

  • Carmel Laniado as Lady Rose

Lady Rose is a maid of honor to the Queen and Tommy’s friend.

  • Ralph Ineson as Arnall Stubbins

He is Tommy’s uncle.

  • Joanna Page as Bethan Stubbins

She is Tommy’s aunt.

  • Sonny Ashbourne Serkis as Arnall Stubbins Jr.

He is Tommy’s cousin.

Dolittle Movie Plot

This amazing movie follows Dr. John a veterinarian who has the ability to communicate with animals. After ‘Lily’ his wife died in the sea, He confined himself to his home, tending to only animals and refuse to contact or associate with other humans. One faithful day, a boy named Tommy Stubbins, accidentally shot and wounds a squirrel named Kevin, and was guided to Dolittle for help by Polynesia the Macaw

Meanwhile, Queen Victoria sent a message to Dolittle, ordering him to come in order to cure her of deadly sickness. Polynesia persuaded Dolittle that he has to try and reconnect with other human beings, Dolittle finally accepted to go. When he got there, he finds out that the Queen has been poisoned by a type of nightshade that was added to her tea. In order to be cured, she must eat fruit from a land far away. Tommy, Dolittle and his crew of animals put to sail, hoping to find the cure.

They tried to avoid Dr john’s lifelong rival, ‘Dr. Blair Müdfly’. Dr. John left his dog, Jip, and a walking stick insect to watch over the Queen while he’s away. In the long run, Dolittle’s boat is attacked by ‘Dr. Blair Müdfly’, but they managed to escape by attaching a harness to a humpback whale that pulls the boat to safety. They continue their journey to the island where Lilly was born.


Dolittle was captured by King Rassouli, his father-in-law, and was locked in a cage with Barry, a cranky tiger waiting for his mother’s approval. Just when it seems Dr. John is in trouble, Chee-Chee the Gorilla breaks in and attacks Barry. Dolittle and Stubbins escaped but was captured by Dr. Blair Müdfly and have their ship destroyed. After seeing how sad Dolittle was Rassouli loans him a boat to honor his daughter.

Dolittle and company arrived at an island where they met a fire breathing dragon ‘Ginko’. Ginko began to attack before she collapsed due to internal pain. Dr. John finds out what is hurting the dragon and removes armor and bagpipes (from previously eaten trespassers) from her behind. After that, Ginko shows Dr. John the tree with the cure. When they returned to the palace, Stubbins gives the queen the plant which cured her. Dolittle’s walking stick insect revealed that one of the Queen’s chairmen, ‘Lord Thomas Badgley’ poisoned her in order to take the crown for himself; the queen had him arrested for treason.


Dr. John re-opens the doors to his sanctuary, He included Stubbins as his official apprentice.


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