Donald Trump

Donald Trump: 30 Days Reign of Destruction on the way out of Office


Donald Trump 30 days reign of destruction on the way out of the office will be hot in the heels. The question is how much damage can be done by unrealistic, vengeful soon to be ex-President planning conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump

He will attain the fantastic powers of the presidency until noon on January 20 where Mr. Joe Biden will take over from him. There is never a time when he has been subject to a few restraining influences. Or has had a bigger reason to cause disruption.


Donald Trump is spending days after days in his White House bunker, diverting crackpot theories about inflicting marital law, seizing voting machines. Staging an intervention on January 6 to steal the election from Mr. Biden.

His behavior has sown big mistrust of the fundamental underpinning of the United States political system among millions of his voters. And threatens to compromise the legitimacy of Biden’s White House.

However, Donald Trump can go ahead and damage the United States in the coming days in two ways. Which is by an aggressive design and by the passive ignorance of his own obligations to lead and direct his country.

His effort to crush American democratic traditions by claiming false victory in an election he greatly lost and that was not especially close fits into the first category. Trump’s indifference to numerous crises stirred by his rule makes up the second category of his political destruction.

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This includes his apathy about a raging pandemic that has infected over 18 million Americans and killed about 320,000 people as an aching mark its darkest holiday season in generations.

The President White House staff is also worried about what happens next. Before when Washington is already prepared for a flurry of politically self-serving. Or legally dubious presidential pardons in the coming weeks.

Donald Trump: Plotting a Stunt in Congress

His meeting with Republican lawmakers on Monday was the latest troubling sign. That he is ready to tear down the integrity of the United States electoral system  of the  Office

His attempt will not prevail in invalidating Biden’s election since Democrats control the House of Representatives. And there is no sign that the majority of Republicans in the Senate

Although, The President’s most passionate loyalists have turned against him for his political schism toward Donald Trump.

The extreme nature of Donald Trump’s final day’s meltdown is best confined. By the reality that William Barr has assisted many of the President’s political assaults on the spirit of the law.

Has now completely broken with Mr. Trumo as he makes ready to leave office before Christmas. While the group is preparing to fight back against mounting evidence of false fraud. But Donald Trump is still The President for another month.

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His bizarre refusal to inscribe his government’s assessment that Russia is behind the cyberattack indicates there is a 30-day window of impunity for enemies. And dedicated to tarnishing the United States’ national interests.

Trump shows no sign that he cares to offer leadership to ensure the success of the vaccination that holds the hope of ending the Pandemic.


The fact that a defeated President is also hearing theories about imposing martial law in the Oval Office is immeasurable in the world’s oldest. Most influential democracy.

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