Donald Trump

Donald Trump aims to Hinder Biden’s legitimacy even as legal Challenges


President Donald Trump was shocked when his lawyers were dropping their lawsuit seeking a review of ballots in Arizona.

Trump was caught by surprise.  Trump wanted to know why it appeared he was giving up a ballet he fully plans to continue to carry on.

His legal pathway to challenging Joe Biden’s electoral victory becomes shorter by the day.


Donald Trump

However, President Donald has shown little signs he plans to back off his false claim that he won the election.

If any of those outcomes is his express goal still remains unclear.

So many people around him believe a dejected President is simply making a complicated attempt at processing his trauma rather than executing a better plan.

Although, few people believe he will ever acknowledge outright that he lost the election to Joe Biden.

Donald Trump, long-time lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and  Trump Jr, and Eric Trump believe that they could still win and should continue the fight.

At a point, Giuliani accused Trump campaign lawyers, liars, for telling Trump his odds of changing the result of the election were slim.

Donald Trump: Real-world consequences

Trump’s refusal to surrender has had widespread consequences, from his successor’s inability to access federal money,

Then to the spread of new conspiracy theories among his hard-core supporters.

Meanwhile, the extension of his reelection fight has also provided a new cause for his campaign and

The Republican National Committee to attack supporters with requests for funds.

Staffers in the White House narrate existing in a state of purgatory.

Caught between a boss who refuses to concede defeat and the true reality they will be out of work in less than a few months.

Trump has seen his post-presidency prospects become clearer.

His reluctance to accept defeat was becoming very tiresome. President Trump has refused to accept defeat.

The crowd that gathered in Washington and other cities to protest the election result only

appeared to lend fuel to the President’s thirst to keep fighting or to maintain the fact he wasn’t defeated.

Trump Shows No Sign of Backing Down

Presidential allies and the White House only believed the President was just simply displaying his fighting spirit

as he constantly refused to accept defeat and ordered up legal challenges in many states.

A lot of people thought, in the end, Trump let a transition to happen.

Many People close to Trump have shown concern that he is buying into Giuliani’s false claims that his legal efforts can change the election outcome.

President Trump has shown no indication and signs of backing down, even those around him continue indicating that the end is very near.

He sees it as a fair game not to recognize Joe Biden.


He doesn’t find himself in the position of being a loser and wants to fight to the end.

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