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Donald Trump “Big one” Supreme Court Gambit is Shutdown


Donald Trump Big One Supreme Court Gambit is Shutdown. The United States Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit by Texas aimed at changing election results in key four states that voted for Joe Biden in a major blow to Donald Trump’s legal efforts t stay in office.

Donald Trump

Mr. Trump and the Republican supporters of the lawsuit had billed it as the big one that had the capability to throe the 2020 election to the president.


The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case may be the end of the road for Trump’s legal challenges as the Electoral College is due to meet on December 13…

However, dozens of judges, election officials from both parties, and Donald Trump’s Attorney General have dissolved his baseless trials to deny that he lost the presidential election.

Donald Trump: The Elections are Over, Trump’s Attack Will Linger

The 2020 Presidential election is over. But Donald Trump’s baseless efforts to sabotage it and the consequences of those undemocratic actions will loiter in America for so long.

There is no doubt that there is no fact, no piece of evidence, and no court ruling that will dissuade Donald Trump from trying to mislead Americans about Joe Biden’s victory.

He had hardly been along in that effort, huge Republicans ave stood with him or stood by silently.

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The Truth still remains that Biden won 306 Electoral College votes, the same number Trump carried four years ago in a victory he considered a landslide. Joe Biden also surpassed Trump by more than 7 million votes nationwide.

Donald Trump is now depending on a similar playbook against Joe Biden, who will be sworn in on January 20, 2021. His election attacks have frozen many Republicans.

Leaving them unwilling to accept Biden’s victory and advising they may see little political reason to work with him once he’s sworn in.

Donald Trump has lashed out at the election for a week with little regard for reality. Judges across the country have dismissed lawsuits filed by his campaign and other Republicans.

With the sitting president leading the way and friendly media outlets standing by to add to his claims, and result is that millions of Americans will likely convince Biden’s victory was illegal and the election was deceptive.

Surpreme Court Texas-led Efforts to Overturn Biden’s Victory

The Supreme Court has rejected a longshot bid by Texas and other Republican led states to change President-elect Joe Biden;s vicotry in last month’s eection.

Dashing President DOnald Trum’s last-ditch hope that the justices effectivel hadn him a second term.

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The decision brings a sudden, unceremonious end to Trump’s legal effort to gradually delete the democratic process in order to preserve his presidency..

Trump categorized the Supreme Court gambit the big one. And had publicly pressed the justices to rule for him to save America.

The Biden campaign praised the court’s decision to reject the latest of Donald Trump. and his allies’ attacks on the democratic process.

The Supreme Court action is likely the end of the line for Trump’s legal push to reverse his defeat.

Dozens of courts at the local, state and federal level have biffed down his team’s. and his allies legal efforts to change the result of the election.


With many judges issuing forceful rejections noting that the campaign’s arguemnts depend on conjecture and conspiracy theory.

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