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 Donald Trump Fires Top Election Security Official who Contradicted him


Donald Trump, President of the United States has fired a top election official who contradicted Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud. Trump terminated Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Chris Krebs for his highly incorrect remarks on vote integrity.

Donald Trump

Since Donald Trump has refused to accept and surrender the US election and also made unjustifiable claims of massive voter fraud.


But the Election Officials said the vote was the most secure in the US history.

Mr. Krebs only knew he was out of a job when he saw the president’s tweet on Tuesday.

However, the former Microsoft executive appeared to have no regrets, following his dismissal.

Chris Krebs is the latest official to be discharged by Donald Trump, US president following his defeat with Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary.

Meanwhile, Kreb had run the agency from its inception two years ago in the aftermath of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Donald Trump: Why was Chris Krebs Fired?

Chris Kreb was among senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security who declared the 3 November US election

the most secure in American history last week while declining unfounded claims.

Chris kept up the fact of the President’s scheme- mongering until his final tenure.

Donald Trump firing Kreb’s also gave rise to some notable pushback from Republicans.

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Ben Hovland praised Krebs during an interview with CNN’S Erin Burnett on OutFront as a remarkable director

who exhibited a lot of leadership, especially in the general election space.

Chris Kreb’s is a professional in what he does.

And he was only trying a way to connect with all-state in the country.

And give them what they really needed to protect and have a firewall in place to protect against cyber attacks.

His dismissal raised a quick shock from elected officials and election security experts.

 Chris Krebs Pays for his Honesty With his Job

Chris Kreb’s analysis of accusations of mass voter fraud is simple to summarise that there is no proof of mass voter fraud.

Although he knew his words would disappoint Donald Trump and he told his associates he expected to be sacked and he was later right.

US President said his statement was false because of massive improprieties and fraud during the election.

Chris was kept in a position that nobody wants to be in.

He paid with his job by not appeasing Trump about what he want to hear from him.

Chris Krebs was put in an impossible position that his career was at risk and he chose the latter and paid for it with his job

Donald Trump firing Chris Kreb proves the length Trump is willing to go to punish those who don’t obey

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And adapt his conspirational view of the election.

Since Donald Trump has refused to concede the result,

instead of pushing a baseless scheme that his second term is being stolen from him.

Notwithstanding, Chris Krebs has served as one of the most key federal national security officials that oversaw an election that by all accounts went very steadily and smoothly.

Chris Krebs is a remarkable public servant and the right person Americans want protecting the security of the elections.

This is the second dismissal by Donald Trump this month. However, Joe Biden and vice president-elect, Kamala Harris are yet to talk on Kreb’s dismissal.


But it speaks volumes that Donald Trump, President of the US chose to dismiss him just because he said the truth


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