Donald Trump

Donald Trump Goes on a Rampage With Pardons.


Donald Trump Goes on a Rampage with Pardons veto threats and Covid denial. His presidency is rising into history in a way that shows his corrupt excess, with pardons for cronies and wat crims, assaults on democracy, fresh Covid-19 denial, and impunity.

Donald Trump

The antics of the outgoing President in recent hours further weighed down the yet-to-begin presidency of his successor, Mr. Joe Biden. The incoming president already faced the most task debut on any United States leader since Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.


However, down to his last days, Donald Trumo remains protected in the White House. most of his conspirational loyalists planning new ways to destroy Mr. Biden’s Legitmacy in his baseless quest to change his clear election defeat.

Donald Trumo is focused on absolving two acolytes who had lied to investigators in the Russia probe and two staunchly supportive former GOP congressmen convicted of. The President’s new demand for payments of $2,00 for each American will strike a chord among many people who viewed the stimulus checks folded into the bill as misery.

Meanwhile, it won’t be a coincidence that Mr. Trump’s move could ruin Christmas for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. His apparent threat to veto the package just passed by Congress could further deepen the country’s dire economic circumstances.

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The President has failed to announce that his White House had loaded it with tax breaks for business lunches at a time when so many Americans are going hungry.

Donald Trump Fumes over VP Mike Pence’s role in dying days of Administration

The President is fuming in private over the role his Vice President will play in finalizing his defeat to Mr. Joe Biden. Donald Trump’s legal challenges have gone nowhere and the electoral college officially cast its votes for Biden a week ago.

His refusal to accept defeat will not stop the transfer of power to take place. Though, there are still some steps left to carry out. Then Congress will have to first hold a joint session to count the electoral votes. Mr. Joe Biden will be sworn in at his inauguration on January 20th.

But Donald Trump is still hoping to destroy all proceedings on January 6 and overturn the result of the election. In his final days his turning very bitterly especially everyone around him, grumbling about anyone who refuses to join conspiracy theories or hopeless bids to change the election results.

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Mr. Trump believes everyone around him is weak, loyal, and stupid. He only finds comfort only in people who egg him on to change the election result.

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