Donald Trump

Donald Trump has Power to Pardon Mob that Attacked US Capitol.


Donald Trump, the United States president has the power to issue to pardon the Mobs that Attacked US Capitol. History shows presidential pardons have courted controversy from the very beginning.

Donald Trump

However, the founding Father’ near-absolute pardon power as a way to soften the edges of inflexible criminal law.


Today, as Americans shift the political fall out of Wednesday’s riotous assault on the very seat of constitutional power. Some experts are wondering if Trump in his final days in power, might issue a blanket pardon for all those who were involved in the fight.

The prospect of more pardons is giving impulsion for pressure in the United States House of Representatives to try to oust Trump from power even before his team ends on Jan 20.

Whenever it comes to federal crimes, the President has extensive pardon powers. but they can’t use that power to stop themselves or others from being removed by congress. Also, they don’t have the power to pardon state crimes.

Donald Trump can erase away any charges in connection with the January 6 incident brought by authorities in Washington D.C. Trump would not be the first president to issue a blanket pardon if he does not offer clemency to the rioters.

Meanwhile, since the November 3rd election, Donald Trump has pardoned several associates. Most including former campaign manager Paul Manafort who was convicted of bank and tax fraud. and some other associates.

If Trump’s presidency ends without begging for mercy to more of them, then it would be a real missed opportunity.

Donald Trump Still has the Biggest Voice on the Planet as President

The President in his final days has become more isolated and unpredictable as members of his cabinet and some others in the Administration have walked out. Also, some lawmakers who supported him are now keeping their distance.

However, Twitter is a private company, and Donald Trump is the most powerful ad platformed man in the world. He remained unharmed by Twitter’s rules while the others were held accountable due to their world leader clause.

Twitter was his way of communicating and also before holding office. Once he became the president, his tweets became archived presidential records.

Donald Trump went too far and he violated the terms of services by encouraging violence. A mob that went straight to the Capitol to halt an important step in the lawful transfer of power from one administration to the next.

Trump’s thumbs have uttered the pace of news cycles and the activities of congressional reactions and action.

Also, media companies, Twitter, and some other social platforms have been a megaphone to his repeated scheme theories. And false information about the 2020 Presidential election.

Notwithstanding, if the events of January 6 provide good evidence of what four years of angry, confidential messaging can do to encourage a swath of Trump’s followers.

Then swaying back that power can preferably deny any future messages as he holds on to his final days in the White House.

Biden Refuses to Take Position on Trump’s Possible Impeachment

Mr. Joe will be inaugurated on January 20 as Donald Trump set to leave the White House. Donald Trump has refused to endorse growing Democratic calls that he is removed for a second time

However, Joe Biden is focused and ready on taking office with Inauguration Day less than two weeks away. Donal Trump could be prevented from going for the presidential election again in 2024 or ever holding the presidency again.

In late 2019, The house impeached him but the Republican-led Senate absolved him in early 2021. The president will be impeached next week if his cabinet does not try to remove him first.

However, after hundreds of protesters bearing Trumo flags and clothing broke into the Capitol and cause havoc and destruction The democrats and so many Republicans put the blame on Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has made his decision not to attend Mr. Joe Biden’s inauguration which Biden agrees with and feels good about the decision Trump made.


In more than 150 years, Mr. Trump will be the first president and just the fourth in the United State to do so.

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