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Donald Trump is not Planning to Leave The White House


Donald Trump is not planning or intending to leave the White House. The President has turned to some group of advisers peddling increasingly suspicious tactics to change the results of the election, creating a dreadful situation that numerous senior officials and people around Donald Trump say has led to new levels of undoubtful at how he will oppose the coming end of his tenure.

Donald Trump

However, nobody is sure even sure where all this is heading to. Donald Trump has mostly ignored those working inside the government, leading to growing fears of how many he may lash out in the four weeks he has left in the White House or how he may oppose leaving the building come Inauguration Day.


Above all, He has neglected the day-to-day running of government. Last week, he spent so much time nagging about his suspicions of false voter fraud. Donald Trump has told some of his advisers he will refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day.

Mr. Trump has ignored those working inside the government, leading to growing fears of how many lash out in the four weeks he has left as the President in the White House

Trump hunkers Down at the White House and Avoids of Future

President Donald Trump does not want to talk about what is ahead for him once he leave the White House next month as Mr Joe Biden takes over as the New Preisdent of the United States.

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Many people familliar with the siutations says he knows his time his almost up as he still continues ti fight against the electon reuslts, despite having failed in a so many court challenges to change the results of the Presidential Lection which took place on Novemebr 3 that made Preisdent-elect win.

However, The White House staff member are searching for jobs and planning their post-administrations futures. Meanwhile the first lady Melania has searched for a school in florida for their son Barron.

Donald TrumP does not want to talk about the future as his remaining days at the White House are numbered. Any adviseed that he begin laying the groundwork for another run for him in 2024 is put aside for now.

He has not played an important role in respmonding to the computer hack that targeted the United Sattes government. Trumpo has now brought in members of his capaign team for updates and begs them to keep fighting for him.

The preisdent refusal to accept the election is urged on by endless phone coversations with his lwayer. He has delcined to accept the election. Mr Trump keeps insinuating to advisers that he got 74 million votes. 9 million more than Barrack Obama in his successful re-election bid in 2012.

Notwitstanding, Mr Donald Trump and his legal team have been prapering a number of amnesty for him to carry out before he leaves the White House.

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Donald Trump Seeking to Deploy Military to Change Election

President Trump probe about an idea raised by his former security adviser, Michael Flynn, that the United States military is positioned to change the results of the presidential election.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, Trump floated naming the conspiracy-theorist Sindey Powell as special counsel to look in about false voter fraud.

However, he could deploy the military to swing states he lost to President elect Mr. Joe Biden in order to rerun the presidential election. Donald Trump could take the military capabilities if he wanted to do so. And put them in those states and rerun an election in each of those states.

Mr Trump Order: New Federal Buildings Must be Beautiful

The United States has ordered that future federal Buildings across the country must be beautiful. And most particularly built in a classical Greek, Roman, or similar style.

It says new government buildings should look more like America’s beloved landmarks such as the White House. But traditionalist will welcome the move, some others were unhappy.


The order titled Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture build a new council to advise the president on Future federal buildings.

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