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Donald Trump Pays $3 Million for Election Recounts in Wisconsin


Donald Trump, President of the United States. his campaign has paid $3 million for a recount of votes in Wisconsin’s two largest Democratic countries In a desperate new attempt to stop Joe Biden’s succession to the White House.

However, Mr. Biden received 577, 455 votes in the two countries compared with 213,157 for Mr. Donald Trump with the Democrat winning the state by 20,608.

Mr. Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence signed a petition on Monday


of alleged unspecified mistakes and fraud were committed all over Wisconsin.

It would have cost him $8m if Donald Trump requested a recount of the entire state.

A member of the Wisconsin Election Commission said the President of the United State was trying to change the rules of the election after he lost to Joe Biden but only in two countries.

This is the essence of hypocrisy and cheating and also dishonesty said by Mr. Thomsen.

Even though Donald Trump was able to overthrown Mr. Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin,

he would still have to change the outcome in two other states where he is contesting the result.

Wisconsin attorney Jim Troupis said t Pressing Mr. Trump’s case that voters need to know that voting and counting worked in a legal transparent way.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin recount will be done as the states, like much of the rest of the US. Donald Trump argues that the election was stolen from him by widespread voter fraud has no bases fact.

This does not appear to be affecting public confidence in American democracy.

Trump himself has just stayed in the White House and kept out of public view since the election

The President-elect said the delay his preventing his team from carrying out his new plan and efforts to fight the third wave of coronavirus infections.

Georgia, Wisconsin Recounts likely will not Change Donald Trump Election Defeat

Georgia is one of several states where Trump’s campaign is contesting election returns so far without success.

The recount would not provide proof for Trump’s unsupported claims of widespread fraud.

The Partial recount request by the presidential campaign would not reverse the Republican incumbent’s loss in that state.

His refusal to accept the Nov 3 election is blocking the smooth transition to a new administration

And then complicating Biden’s response to the coronavirus pandemic when he takes office on January 20, 2021.

The Opinion polls show Trump’s allegation about the election having been rigged has a political benefit.

But Donald Trump is holding out hope that the manual recount requested by Georgia can change Biden’s lead.

However, the state’s top election official said it can be possible.

Biden won Wisconsin by more than 20, 00 votes to lead Trump 49.5% to 48.8%.

Joe Biden won

President-Elect won the popular vote by more than 5.8 million.

Donald Trump will need to overturn the result in at least three large states to get to 270 electoral votes for him to remain in the White House.

Election officials from both parties have said there no proof of vote tampering.

Georgia’s top election official said a labor-intensive hand recount likely will not destroy Joe Biden’s initial 14,00 vote margin enough to hand Donald Trump a victory in the state.

This will leave Donal Trump with a dwindling number of options as he tries so much to change the result of an election.

Officials were expected to confirm a narrow win for Joe Biden today following a hand recount in one of those, Georgia.

President-Elect, Joe Biden has captured 306 electoral votes to President Donald Trump’s 232.

His campaign has met with little success so far. Trump’s campaign can request another recount in Georgia after the states certify its vote tally


which is to be on Friday.


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