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Donald Trump Promises Orderly Transition of Power to Joe Biden


Donald Trump Promises Orderly Transition of Power to Joe Biden. Mr. Trump for the first time conceded his defeat in November 3 election and has promised Orderly Transition on January 20th of Power to Joe Biden.

Donald Trump

Trump’s acknowledgment came through after a day of destruction and disorder on Capitol Hill as a mob of his supporters attacked the Capitol building and released unparalleled scenes of mayhem as it attempted to stop the peaceful transition of power.


However, the members of Congress have no option other than to go into hiding, offices were looted, and the formal congressional tally came to a halt for more than 7 hours.

Trump’s refusal to concede reality and his flammable reached a breaking point on Wednesday when his supporters violently engrossed the Capitol in one of the most horrifying scenes ever to unfold in a seat of American political power.

Donald Trump has spent the final days of his presidency upset stewing and lashing out at Republicans for being disloyal to him and refusing to accept his loss or concede.

Meanwhile, Trump could not post on his Twitter or Facebook account feeds because both accounts had been blocked.

The riot led to at least four resignations from the Trump administration. And some in Trump’s Cabinet to hold preliminary talks about summoning the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. According to a well-placed GOP source.

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Although, he yet to decide if he will attend the inauguration of Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on January 20. Biden defeated Donald Trump by 306-232 electoral votes and will be inaugurated on January 20th, 2021. The honest truth is Joe Biden won the November 3rd election, while Donald Trump lost to Biden.

Donald Trump has 13 More Days left of full Presidential Power

Donald Trump

Trump has lost his bid to stay in the White House, his influence as President still remains. Joe Biden will take over the White House on January 20th, but in the 13 days left until then, there will be a few restrictions on Mr. Donald Trump’s presidential powers.

He can do what he has been doing as president. There is no legal change in his authority and power. Donald Trump has spent his days focused on the election result and how he can overturn the results. He has abandoned the day-to-day running of government.

Meanwhile, many of those who work at the White House have resigned to their fate. And are all preparing for the new administration.

Trump Presidency and Capitol siege: What is the 25th Amendment?

The President has less than two weeks in office, and it is no news that Joe Biden has been declared the winner.

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However, Democrats of the House of the Judiciary Committee are calling for his presidential powers to be removed. After the violent attack of the United States Capitol yesterday.

Donald Trump has mended an act of insurrection and pursued to undermine democracy. The 25th Amendment, which permits the vice president to become acting president. When a president is not capable to continue his duties to his country.

Meanwhile, the part of the amendment being discussed in section four. This allows the vice-president to proclaim Donald Trump is not able to carry out his duties.

It is until the issue has been resolved. The vice-president would act as president till Joe Biden takes over power on January 20th. Trump will be the third president in history to be impeached.

Although Donald Trump has been impeached once by the Democrat-led House in December 2019. And he has accepted the statement after being advised of this horrifying and disgust among many of his aides.


Trump has faced so much criticism from Republican lawmakers to do more to condemn the violence being carried out in his name.

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