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Donald Trump Says He Will Leave Office if Biden Electoral Win Certifiied.


Donald Trump says he will only leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden. The closet he has come to accept the November 3 election, even as he repeated unfounded false claims of massive voter fraud.

However, President Donald Trump will only leave the White House once the Electoral College, declares Joe Biden as the winner who is due to being sworn on on Jan 20.

Donald Trump


But Trump still has not conceded because he believes that there is a massive fraud. With no evidence to prove his allegations, he still claims that the presidential election was rigged at the highest level.

Mr Trump has refused to acknowledge the fact he has been defeated. With mounting pressure from his own Republican ranks, he has allowed to let Biden’s transition process officially begin.

Meanwhile, Trump and his aides to change the results in important states,have so far failed and has run out of option either by lawsuits or by pressuring state legislators.

His Administration has already given the green light for a formal transition to get underway. The main reason Republicans are behind Trump and stood by him and his false accusations have been to keep his loyal base energized ahead of those runoffs on Jan 5.

Despite the result to prove that Trump has been defeated, he still insists that this may not be his last thanksgiving at the White House.

A candidate must at least gain 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. Trump remained resistant, repeating false claims that the presidential election was ruined by massive fraud.

Donald Trump Believes Presidential Election was Rigged

Trump still continues to claim he is the actual winner, that he defeated Joe Biden instead despite evidence to prove himself.

However, he publicly announced himself as the winner of the presidential election and called for it to be changed around.

He believes the election was rigged in a massive way and he can’t just let that happened to his country.

But the truth is that there has been no concrete evidence to convince state officials or the judges. To completely stop vote certification, throw out ballots or most definitely change the will of American voters.

All of his justifications have been disproved and almost all of the lawsuits his legal had filed have been thrown out of court.

Mr Biden won the election with 306 Electoral College votes, more than the 270 required for Donald trumps 232. And the electoral are arranged to meet on December 14 to agree on the outcome.

Trump made it cear that h will most likely never, formally concede and accept defeat, even if he would leave the White House.

Some Donald Trump Voters Still Believe he can Retain the Presidency

As each day passes by, it brings another blow to the United States President Donald Trump’s effort to change the election result.

However, so many republicans echoing Trump’s baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud, are doubtful about the announced outcome. And do not see Joe Biden as the president-elect.

They believe Mr. Donald Trump should wait to accept defeat until all the states have formally certified their election results.

Yet, despite Donald Trump’s legal team’s aggressive pursuit of proof, no evidence of widespread fraud has turned up. As of November 23, at least 25 of 36 lawsuits by his campaign had failed.

Looking Ahead

With the formal presidential transition process officially underway, Donald Trump’s supporters are divided over what to expect after Biden takes to the office on Jan 20.

They are all hoping to see a peaceful transition of power of Biden or another Trump.

November 3 elections were great for Republicans. Meanwhile, Mari still believes and hopes Trump will find a way back to victory. Though he offered no concrete proof of widespread voting irregularities.

Trump also said officials in the important state that he lost were socialists and enemies of the state. He has refused to say if he would be attending Mr Biden’s inauguration, which is arranged for Jan 20, 2021.


On Dec 5, Trump plans to hold a rally in the United State of Georgia. In support of two Republican Senate candidates there.

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