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Donald Trump Supporters Planning Armed Protesters ahead of Jan 20th


Donald Trump supporters are planning armed protesters ahead of Biden Inauguration. The FBI has warned of possible armed protests being held across the United States. Security will be extremely tight for the event on January 20th. A vote to remove the president will happen on Wednesday

Donald Trump

However, Donald Trumo is being accused of incitement of insurrection. There are reported or armed groups planning to gather at all 50 state capitols and in Washington DC in Biden 20 January inauguration.


President-elect and vice president are to be sworn in at a ceremony at the Capitol. Already, the Biden team has begged Americans to avoid traveling to the capital because of the pandemic.

Donald Trump was banned from many social media platforms including Twitter and he has made no public statements since then. The National Guard has plans to have at least up to 15,000 National guard troops to meet current and future requests for the inauguration.

Meanwhile, social media and companies’ networks are cracking down against users and websites seen to be encouraging violence, including social networks. Mr. Trump will become the third United States president to be removed in December 2019. The FBI warnings are in place for all state capitals from 16th to 20th January in Washington DC.

Can Donald Trump be Removed or Banned From Office or Politics?

The president is due to leave the white house from now, on January 20 when Democrats will sworn Joe Biden in. It may look so late to impeach Donald Trump before the end of his term. But they are still eager to sanction him.

Depriving him of so many interests afforded to Donald Trump and banning him from any future office ahead. He could be the first president in history

Although there are ways that Donald Trump, the president could get his marching orders but they are unlikely.

Mr. Trumpo is required to make his first public appearances since the riot on Tuesday. After Joe Biden is sworn as president, he is required to take part in a wreath-laying ceremony alongside Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush to assist him to underscore his message of unity.

Donald Trump already announced he will not be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration as he becomes the first person in more than 150 years to refuse to do so.

Key Dates to Watch

Tuesday: The House of Representatives will vote on a resolution calling in Vice President and the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to declare the president unfit for office and impeach him immediately.

Wednesday: Democrats vow to hold a vote on impeachment. Mr. Donald Trump is most likely to become the first president to be removed twice.

20 January: President-elect and vice president, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris are to be sworn into office.

Donald Trump Aides they’re Babysitting a Violent Toddler

The few remaining aides surrounding Donald Trump are accepting that they are spending their last days in the White House. Either avoiding the man describes as babysitting or violent toddler in the hopes he will not do something that would not risk more lives in the United States or the world.


The President has not been performing any of the new presidential duties. He insists that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

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