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Donald Trump Threatens more Mayhem in his Dangerous days


Donald Trump Threatens More Mayhem in his Final Dangerous Days. America faces thirteen days of danger before the withdrawal of an unhinged commander in chief who set his mob on the United States Capitol. In an act of insurrection that scattered more than 220 years of tradition of peaceful transfers of power.

Donald Trump

The President White House aides horrified by his agitating behaviors. Which followed a fracture with his ultra Vice President, who didn’t accept to take part in the destructive effort to change the result of the election.


This was one of the most frightening days in American history, raiding thugs marched from an incendiary Donald Trump rally to storm the Capital.

Their plan was to put a stop to the lawmaker’s finalizing President-elect, Joe Biden’s victory ahead of his January inauguration. However, the number of Senate Republicans who have been minded to drag out Donald Trump’s stunt flipped. In revulsion at the storming of their citadel of democracy in an awful culmination of the lawless presidency.

It is not clear how much momentum efforts to expel the President will gather with Donald Trump close to leaving the White House. Notwithstanding, anybody in any Federal Bureau has to keep a close eye on the President. Because Donald Trump is acting and thinking in an unreasonable way.

The shame of a dark day in American history is shared by all those who ridiculed warning that Donald trump’s political treachery was brewing an explosion. Including Republican lawmakers, who have supported his absurd claims of voter fraud after allowing his malevolent presidency.

Donald Trump Silent Amid the Mayhem

Trump did nothing but watch the mayhem he had triggered unfold on TV. He became silent when real violence was raging contrasted with his constant and false pre-election claims. That leftist mobs were running rampant through United States cities and his calls for the restoration of law and Order.

It is now left to Mr. Biden, President-elect to take office in a country brought to its knees by Donald Trump’s divisiveness. And a pandemic that is now is declaring more than 3,000 American lives per day, to provide the steady hand of leadership.

It is not proper. It is disorder and chaos. The most horrifying truth revealed by the assault on the Capitol was not the act itself. It was the insanity of a President who turned his insurgents on the nations’ legislature. And who has restricted deepened political estrangements that will deteriorate long after he leaves the office at the White House

The spectacle of rioters, waving Donald Trump flags and wearing Make America Great Again haste piling up the steps below. The illustrious done that shines as a beacon of self-government was too unreal to believe at first.

Meanwhile, there has been a debate among journalists on how to refer to Donald Trump’s bid to steal a free and fair election he lost, he refused to accept and to honor a peaceful transfer of power. Trump’s urge of angry supporters to interrupt the constitutional process.


It was the first time in history that a President is against a peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump’s aides and his false claims have left millions of Americans believing his false claims of a rigged election.

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