Donald Trump

Donald Trump Undercuts American Democracy as he Clings to Power.


Donald Trump is trying to steal a free and fair election that he lost to Joe Biden, President-elect by a wide gap. He is trying to throw out hundreds of thousands of votes by tearing at the most fundamental principle of American democracy.

Donald Trump

The latest plan of his attempt to change the result of the presidential election followed a string of knockbacks in the courts


After a statewide audit in Georgia announced Joe Biden’s victory in the crucial swing estate.

Trump wants to try to convince the state Republican leaders in Michigan to ignore Biden’s big win in the state

and then send a slate of electors to the Electoral College that backs him and not the Joe Biden, President-elect.

Tribe says the Donald Trump campaign has lost more than two dozen lawsuits.

The President’s refusal to surrender two weeks after the election and his attempts to undermine democracy is no less destructive even if they fail.

Trump’s effort is laying down political positions that remain after he leaves the White House.

However, 70% of Republicans believe Joe Biden won because he cheated, even though there is no proof of fraud.

The institutional system that Donald Trump has relentlessly thrashed over the last four years still seems likely to hold firm against his power-hungry plans.

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Trump is trying to ruin Biden’s presidency, This same week, President Donald Trump sacked Chris Krebs, the top cybersecurity official.

For declaring the United States election the most secure ever.

Donald Trump: A long Shot Strategy

It doesn’t still seem unlikely that Republican state legislators would simply ignore hundreds of thousands of votes cast for Joe Biden and then choose electors loyal to Donal Trump.

Mr. Trump is going to try to change the election results, he called two Republican board members from Wayne County to check-in and show his support after they tied to block the certification result.

The President of the United States made a racist discussion that election results should be changed

by casting out hundreds of thousands of votes in big cities controlled by black voters.

Judge Baldi of the Bucks Country Court of Common Pleas, In Pennsylvania

declined the Donald Trump’s campaign’s request to contradict more than 2,00 absentee ballots

that were submitted in an unsealed privacy envelope or lacked details such as handwritten dates, addresses, and names on the outer envelope.

However, the judge noted and announced that there was no proof of evidence of fraud connected to the ballots the Trump campaign was looking to throw out.

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There was nothing like misconduct or any impropriety with respect to the challenged ballots.

Joe Biden Bemoans Giuliani’s Irresponsibility

As Mr. Bide build out his cabinet, Donald Trump was sending earth-shattering damaging messages to the rest of the world about how democracy works.

Mr. Joe Biden believes it is going to be another incident where he will go down in history

As is one of the most unwise and irresponsible presidents in American history.

Mr. Donald Trump to cling to power come as he ignores the fast-rising toll of the pandemic’s fall.

The United States hit another one-day record for new cases of Covi-19.

Meanwhile, The Head of the White House coronavirus task force showed up for the task force’s first briefing since July


Celebrating what he saw as the attainment of an administration that has only grievously mismanaged the whole situation.

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