Donald Trump

Donald Trump: World braced for more bombshells from Furious Trump


Both enemies and allies alike of Donald Trump are supporting themselves this week, for foreign policy bombshells dropped by a furious United States President lashing out over his election defeat.

President of the United State wages a legal fight at home over what he falsely alleges is election fraud.

Donald Trump


Trump declared a hasty drawdown of United States troops in Afganistan,

blindly fulfilling a campaign promise. However, the Afghan government fears the move puts their country in danger overrun by the Taliban.

Donald Trump is spared the embarrassment of being paraded as a loser in person in front of the other world’s other leaders

Change may be coming, with Joe Biden on the way to the White House.

A senior Saudi diplomat told CNN that some prisoners and also including Canadian-educated women’s rights activists could be freed and released.

The Saudi fighter pilot chasing Houthi targets have also killed civilians.

The US leads the world on coronavirus infection charges and deaths

But the President has refused to signal the G20 communique till language on local weather changes was watered down or destroyed.

The anticipation of What Trump may do subsequent is constructing towards the weekend when Saudi Arabia hosts the G20 summit of the world’s prime financial powers.

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The questions and queries on the minds of G20 leaders this weekend are how much damage Donald Trump might do on his administration’s last big international outing.

More than half of Americans think President Donald Trump is not fit to be the President of the United States.

President Trump’s Defeat may Give the Supreme Court a Rest From Personal, Policy Lawsuits

Donald Trump warning that Democratic victory in this year’s midterm election will lead to violence.

President of the United States has contributed much of the Supreme Court’s docket

from the earliest days of his travel ban against predominantly Muslim countries.

To his latest efforts at reversing the results of the 2020 election.

Donald Trump wants to continue building the wall along the southern border while keeping migrants seeking refuge on the Mexican side.

But all these can change after Joe Biden takes to Office on January 20.

A lot of cases tied to President Donald Trump’s policies and personal affairs

are most likely to become disputable or at least unsuitable of the Supreme Court’s time and attention.

The president has passed his boundaries of what was expected in ways that have produced a lot of legal action.

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His least of his related cases heading the high court’s way remains long even

as Donal Trump’s days grow short at the White House.

The justices appear to be doing just that.

For more than three months now, they have been sitting on Donald Trump’s lawyers

on a petition that seeks to block the New York subpoena for his tax and financial documents.

Donald Trump Says China will do Anything for him to Lose

The United States president is beginning to come under pressure as the US death toll increases above 60, 00.

And many are left unemployed after the economic shutdown. Donald Trump was accused of not acting early as he was required to stop the spread of the Covid-19.


However, Donald Trump believes there will be a quick recovery from the virus and that the economy’s growth will be strong again at the end of the year.


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