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The Eternals: 10 Facts only Comic Fans now about Ikaris


The Eternals is one of the more obscure comic book franchises to be adapted for the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They have a long and intricate history in the Marvel Comics Universe, despite their relative obscurity.

Marvels ikaris eternals

Ikaris, who will be played by actor Richard Madden, was created by the famous Jack Kirby and is generally described as the face of The Eternals, and is often the most instantly recognizable member of their ranks to casual fans. Even so, there are many aspects of Ikaris that only long-time comics readers are aware of.


10. He Debuted On His First Issue

After leaving Marvel Comics in 1970, famed comic book creator Jack Kirby went to DC Comics, a prestigious competition. Kirby developed the epic cosmic Fourth World narrative while working for DC, introducing such iconic characters as Mister Miracle and Darkseid.

Kirby left DC and returned to Marvel in 1975, frustrated with editorial interference in his creativity. He imported many of the grandiose cosmic thematic themes from his Fourth World comics and reused them to create The Eternals.

Ikaris stood out among the various Eternals presented in the series’ initial issue, Eternals #1 (1976), and has gone on to play a key role in every subsequent issue.

9. He Guided “Noah’s Ark”


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Ikaris, like the other Eternals, has been guiding humanity for thousands of years. There was a time in antiquity when an event is known as “The Great Cataclysm” occurred, which caused the continent of Atlantis to sink and much of the world to flood.

The Eternal Utnapishtim prepared a gigantic ark to preserve some of the humanity and animals from the destruction, which Ikaris flew ahead of for direction.

The idea that the ancient beings eventually inspired numerous mythological characters and events throughout their intertwined history with early humans is a common theme in the Eternals comics; this is an obvious comparison to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark.

8. He had a Wife and Son


Ikaris, unlike many of his fellow Eternals, has always had a soft spot for humanity. Because of this fascination, he has attempted to merge into human society numerous times throughout history.

In Greek mythology, Ikaris met and fell in love with a mortal woman in Minoan Crete on one such occasion. The couple eventually had a kid, and the immortal Ikaris finally realized the humanity he craved via his family.

This was only temporary, as Ikaris’ responsibilities as a protector of mankind from monsters and Deviants required him to travel frequently, and he would return from one disastrous journey to discover that his son had died in a horrible accident.

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7. His Real Name is Unrevealed


Despite being known as Ikaris from his first appearance, the Eternal’s initial moniker was not Ikaris. Instead, thousands of years ago, “Ikaris” was the name of his son.

The younger Ikaris wished to be able to fly like his father and was granted his wish when the Eternals Phastos and Makkari assisted in the construction of an artificial flying device for him.

When the elder Ikaris’ responsibilities took him away for several years at a time, the young Ikaris resolved to use his flying gadget to locate him.

Unfortunately, after flying too high into the atmosphere, he lost consciousness and plummeted into the sea, similar to the mythological Icarus’ fate. Ikaris, bereft by the loss of his son, chose his name in his honor. His true identity has remained a mystery to this day.

6. His frequent Alias is Ike Harris


Ikaris has frequently adopted the imaginative moniker “Ike Harris” in the modern period when attempting to infiltrate or assimilate the human race.

Ikaris first utilized this alias when posing as a cameraman to follow an archeological expedition threatening to uncover a hidden Eternal artifact. He afterward adopted it as his regular alter-ego.

While wrestling for the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, a professional wrestling league involving superpowered competitors like The Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, he changed his identity to “Iceberg Ike.

“Following the entire pantheon of Eternals being mind-wiped by one of their own members, Ikaris used the name Ike Harris during a period in which he honestly believed himself to be a human.

5. He’s Fought Apocalypse


Both the eternal mutant Apocalypse and the Eternal Ikaris are ancient and powerful entities with ties to the Celestials, who are god-like cosmic beings.

It was only a matter of time before their paths crossed. In truth, Ikaris has fought Apocalypse on several occasions throughout history, as their goals have frequently clashed.

The tremendously powerful Apocalypse has long been one of the X-most Men’s formidable adversaries, capable of defeating the entire team on his alone, but Ikaris has proven to be more than capable of holding his own against the villain.

4. He’s Fought Thanos


Many casual fans are unaware that Thanos, the Mad Titan, is an Eternal. “Eternals” is a broad term that encompasses all species who were genetically enhanced early in their development by the intervention of the cosmic Celestials.

“Eternals” is often used to specifically refer to the earth-based group, but it is a broad term that encompasses all species who were genetically enhanced early in their development by the intervention of the cosmic Celestials.

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Thanos is the result of the Celestials interfering with the evolution of a species of humanoid creatures who lived on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.

Despite their similar genealogy, Ikaris and Thanos have only met on a few occasions, and unlike his encounters with Apocalypse, Ikaris has struggled against the Titan’s might.

3. His Heroic Team ups


The current heroic age has given Ikaris many opportunities to operate openly without obstructing the objectives of his otherwise ensconced aggregation.

As the Eternal most interested in building relations with humanity, the current heroic age has allowed Ikaris many opportunities to operate openly without obstructing the objectives of his otherwise ensconced aggregation.

Ikaris has teamed up with many super-powered individuals, far more than most of his brethren, due to his frequent journeys into the linked realms of Marvel’s heroes.

He’s fought alongside Iron Man on several occasions, debated philosophical ideas with Doctor Strange, and joined Captain America, Thor, and Hawkeye’s West Coast Avengers on a particularly memorable adventure, which was featured in Eternals, vol. 2 #12. (1986).

2. He’s The Prime Eternal


Ikaris’ title as “Prime Eternal” was immediately usurped by his daughter, Thena, after the Zuras, the Eternals’ leader, died, much to Ikaris’ chagrin. Ikaris, who had spent thousands of years living and fighting alongside Thena, thought she was an inadequate, aggressive, and impetuous leader.

The ongoing internal struggle among the ranks of the Eternals, as well as numerous altercations between the two, would result from this tension between two of the group’s most prominent members.

Ikaris eventually confronted Thena in the Hall of Eternal Judgement, defeating her to become the new Prime Eternal, a job he has apparently held ever since, despite countless deaths and resurrections.

1. He’s One Of The Most Powerful Eternals


All Eternals have the intrinsic ability to store and harness cosmic energies to varying degrees and effects as a result of the Celestials’ genetic meddling of their ancestry.

Ikaris is the most powerful of the earth-based Eternals, second only to their (often deceased) king Zuras in terms of strength.

Ikaris has acquired the power to manage vast amounts of cosmic energy, allowing him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability, as well as flight and the capacity to regenerate from even the most serious wounds, after thousands of years of practice.


His most recognizable talent, however, is his distinctive heat vision, sometimes known as “disintegration beams” because of its capacity to evaporate solid objects.


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