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Facebook Avatar 2020 Setup | How to Make Your Own Facebook Avatar

Now, let’s talk about Facebook Avatar? What is Facebook Avatar? Facebook Avatar 2020 is the New/ Latest Features on Facebook, which grants users to Make/create their own amazing Avatar, this is basically one feature that has got a lot of Facebook users wow. This is a customizable cartoon Features/character. Which can be used as a means of communication or expression.

Facebook Avatar Maker


This makes communication easier, it will save you the stress of typing each you want to comment or communicate with your Families and Friends.


All you need to do is set up your own beautiful Avatar. The question is How do I make my very own Facebook Avatar Cartoon? Don’t worry we got you covered. In this article, you will learn a straightforward guide on how to become a Facebook Avatar Maker.

However, Facebook grants users access to use the Customized Avatar on other social media platforms. It’s not just restricted to Facebook. Isn’t that amazing. It is right.

How to use Facebook Avatar

On the Facebook Avatar Maker App, You can choose and create the character of the avatar of your choice. Here you get to choose the hairstyle, eye color, wears, skin color, and much more.

How you want your avatar to look is your choice. However, there’s no separate app in making the Facebook Avatar, its a feature in the Main Facebook App itself and to use these features all you need is just to update your Facebook app to the latest version.

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Then you can easily find the avatar creator. It has a lot of amazing characters, so make your choice of making a funny and great avatar.

How to setup Facebook Avatar

To locate the Avatar creator is simple, easy, and straightforward. Kindly follow the below easy guide.

  • Launch your Facebook App (Latest Version) and login to your account. If you don’t have an account kindly download the FB App and sign up. (Make sure you have an active Internet Connection )
  • To access the avatar feature, Kindly click on the three horizontal lines/ bars on the very top right corner of your Mobile device screen.
  • Then select “See More”
  • You will automatically be directed to the Avatar creator  App. You can now start creating your own avatar.

How to Setup Your Own Facebook Avatar

In case you don’t know how to go about setting up your own avatar, don’t worry we got you. Now let’s walk you through the setup process. To set up an avatar is hard is simple and straightforward. Kindly follow the steps below to do that.

  • As soon as you are already on the Avatar creator  App, click on avatars. To get started Kindly click on the Next link.
  • Select your preferred skin color from the 27 options given, Skin tone, Hairstyle (you can decide to go for short or long, it’s your choice), Face shape, Nose, Lips, body shape, outfit, and much more.
  • Customize to your taste, till you are fully satisfied.
  • Once done, Kindly locate the checkmark icon on the top right side of the screen and click.
  • To complete the creation process, click on Next, then Done.
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How to access Facebook Avatar

Do you create an avatar and you don’t know where to locate it? It simple. As soon as you are done creating your avatar you can find it with the Smiley Face icon on your FB Messenger and comment section. This is the best way to express yourself.


This is currently the trend on Facebook, and I will say you are missing out if you haven’t joined this amazing trend. And the good news is absolutely free for all users.

Just make sure your Facebook app running the latest version. Kindly note that the Facebook Avatar feature is not currently available in all countries. I advise you to wait patiently till it gets to your country if you can’t find these features.

Facebook avatars dropped in Europe, New Zealand and Australia uses this feature first, and then the US. Later released to the rest countries.


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