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A new feature has been launched by Facebook in the US recently, this new feature is now taking over the internet. If you haven’t created your own avatar yet, in this article is all you need to know about the Facebook avatar.

Facebook Avatar

What is Facebook Avatar?

Facebook avatar is a new feature on Facebook, It enables you to create a virtual lookalike of yourself. This Facebook avatar is a better way to express yourself, it allows you to share a range of emotions and expressions through a digital persona that is a unique representation of you.


Your Facebook avatars can be used in Facebook comments, Profile pictures, Messenger, and stickers. You can also use these avatars as stickers in Twitter, Snapchat, Mail, and Instagram, and can also be uploaded in your news feed.

How to Create an Avatar

To create an avatar is an easy thing to do. Firstly, you will update your Facebook, and also you will have an active Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, here is how to create one;

  • Download the Facebook app from play store, or go to www.facebook.com
  • Click on Sign Up
  • Fill in the following data about yourself (Name, email or mobile number, password, date of birth and gender).
  • Click on Create an account
  • Confirm your email or phone number, and you are a proud owner of a Facebook account.

Now here is how to create a Facebook avatar;

  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the upper right corner on Android, and at the lower right corner in iOS.
  • Scroll down and tap on “See More.”
  • Click on “Avatars”
  • Click “Next” and then “Get Started”
  • Select a skin color (there are 27 options)
  • Tap on “Next”
  • Choose a hairstyle for your Avatar.
  • Go to the Face icon, here you can select the face shape, face lines, and complexion.
  • Next is the Eye icon, select your eye shape, color, eyebrows, and lash length. You can also add glasses.
  • Customize your avatar’s mouth and nose
  • Select a body shape, you can also select an outfit.
  • After customizing your avatar, click on the checkmark icon at the upper right corner. Click on “Next” and then “Done”

How to use an Avatar

After creating your avatar, you share them as stickers, messages, upload them in your news feed, profile pictures, and in comments.

Avatars on Messenger

Using avatars while chatting with friends is fun, You can share your avatar in the form of personal stickers. Here is how to share your avatars on messenger;

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the avatar landing page and click on the three buttons at the top-right corner of your screen. You will be directed to the sticker menu (you have a total of 50 stickers featuring your avatar).
  • Choose a sticker and you will be asked to send it through messenger.
  • Select the person you want to send it to.

Sharing your Avatars in your News Feed

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Go to “Menu”
  • Scroll down and click on See More”.
  • Select “Avatars”.
  • Click on the arrow icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on “Share to Feed”.
  • Select a pose and click on “Share”.
  • Click on “Post”.
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