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Facebook avatar is what you have been waiting for and now it here just at your fingertip. Now you have heard about the Facebook avatar, you only need to know how it’s been used and how you can make a beautiful cartoon out of it.

Facebook avatar

There is quite a beautiful Cartoon of yourself u would like to have or you would probably want to make by yourself. There is no stress since you have logged on this platform. It only requires your little time and attention for you to make something that looks exactly like you.


You have probably come across cartoon images on Facebook that look exactly like the ones you have seen on Snapchat and other bitmoji apps. They were not gotten from Snapchat, there were made using the normal Facebook app.

Meanwhile, they are tricks you really want to know about the Facebook avatar and unique steps on how to create your avatar. Firstly you need to know and understand what they really are and understand their functions. We have got you covered on what you need to know concerning the Facebook avatar.

Facebook Avatar 2020

Facebook avatar is that cartoon image that you can make by yourself to be like you or look the way you wish. These features were brought to the app for users to be able to make expressions and reactions using their personal cartoon. You can engage yourself with family and friends using your cartoon to communicate.

The Facebook avatar is just easy to access, it doesn’t you to buy or need professional knowledge. Everyone can make an avatar as far as you have your Facebook and you are signed to Facebook.

Facebook Avatar Setup

Now you are ready to make your avatar. You should be sure that you have your Facebook app updated to the latest version. After you have downloaded the latest version you will then follow these unique steps.

  • Open the Facebook app on your android or iPhone.
  • Locate the hamburger menu or three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the Facebook home page. The hamburger menu is found at the bottom right corner of the Facebook home page on the iPhone.
  • When you tap on the menu, a series of options will be presented. Among this list, you will find the see more icon. You are to click on it, the avatar feature platform is located after you click on “See more”.
  • When you have a tap on the avatar, you will get a pop-up. Keep it going by pressing next and start making your avatar. It’s probably your first time making an avatar, so you will be guided on how to customize your cartoon self.

Create My Facebook Avatar

The Facebook avatar has a lot of things to make your alike cartoon image, one of these features is your complexion. You can choose your complexion or the complexion you wish to use for your avatar.

I hope you are getting along with the procedures, just continue scrolling and you get to know why it’s a unique way of making your avatar.

  • Now it’s your hairstyle, there are varieties of hairstyles you can from, you know how you look like. Choose the best-preferred hairstyle you want for your cartoon.
  • You know how your face looks like but just in case you can’t remember, not to worry. The Facebook avatar has made a mirror you can access from your phone and it’s easy to find. Just as you are creating your avatar there is a mirror icon at the top right corner. Click on it and your front camera will open. Now you can see your face, so keep on creating.
  • Your eyebrows are what you will select next, select either a long or short eyebrow depending on what you look like.
  • Different People with different eye colors, select the color of eye you want or probably use the mirror icon to see your eyes and select the color you want.
  • Are you fat, slim or normal it’s left for you to choose how your body shape is or how you want it to be
  • After you have customized your avatar, you need a cloth that fits your avatar. Choose the cloth you would like to use for your avatar.
  • There are a lot of accessories you can use to beautify your avatar, you probably like eyeglasses or necklace. Use them to beautify your avatar.

How Use of Facebook avatar

I guess you are done creating your avatar. You can still go back to check if your avatar was created the way you wanted. If not click on the checkmark located at the top right corner of your screen, it’s close to the mirror icon. Now your avatar has been created all you need to do is click “Done”.

Your Facebook avatar is not just for creating there is a lot you do with it. Facebook immediately uses your avatar as stickers on your app.

it’s amazing because you are the only one that can access these stickers. You can use them to react to comments and share them with friends just from your Facebook app. You can also access them through your stickers on messenger.

Facebook Avatar Memes


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