Facebook Avatar Not Working

Facebook Avatar Not Working/Showing: Why cant i Create Facebook Avatar?

Why is Facebook Avatar Not Working/Showing to me? Facebook Avatar is the new trend on Facebook and the Internet currently. Where you get to create your own Avatar, that can be used as a means of communication or express emotion. Some Facebook users still don’t know about how and where to find the Facebook avatar feature. Kindly, Read our previous on how to create a Facebook avatar.

Facebook Avatar Not Working


But are you having difficulties in creating your own Facebook Avatar Emoji? Or you having issues on why Facebook Avatar Not Working or showing on your Mobile device. If yes don’t panic, just follow up with this article to learn about what could be the reason why Facebook avatar not working or showing.


Facebook avatar Not working or showing

Facebook avatar not working or showing could be for a few reasons. And for each reason, there’s a solution for it. Facebook avatar is Facebook’s answer to bitmoji, which allows Facebook users to create an avatar cartoon themselves. The avatar feature was launched in Europe and the UK in April. A lot of Americans are greatly creating avatar while some are having difficulty creating one.

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There are 2 reasons why the FB avatar features may not work or be shown to you. Read below the reasons.

  • Firstly it may haven’t be rolled out to you yet. Like I said above this feature is new and it hasn’t been released to some countries. This is number one why you haven’t been able to access the Facebook avatar. You have to wait patiently till it is released in your country.

I feel Facebook is working on how to make this amazing feature available in all countries. Kindly wait till it is released to you, that’s all you have to do. According to Facebook application head “Fidji Simo” says eventually everyone would have access to the Facebook avatars.

  • Secondly as we all know FB Avatar is a new feature, and in other to access this feature you have to update your Facebook app to the latest version. You can do this via the app store or play store and update your Facebook app to the latest version.

Once you update your Facebook and still can’t access the avatar feature. Then it means it hasn’t been released to your country just yet.

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Above are the 2 reasons why Facebook Avatar is not working or showing to you.

To create an Avatar Kindly read our Previous article on how to create one.


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